VZW Droid RAZR Launch Date 11/11/11

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Driphter welcomes the Motorola DROID RAZR to the Verizon DROID family today.

It is no secret that the DROID RAZR is ready to roll, but here’s a little trivia fact for you! Did you know this marks the anniversary of the original DROID? The DROID was released in November of 2009.

It amazes me how far technology has come in just two years!! Back then the DROID was praised for its massive screen, thin frame, and powerful capabilities. Continuing in its father’s footsteps, the RAZR sets the stage once again taking each category and improving on it tenfold. Dual core processor, qHD screen, 7mm thin, and more!

Read the rest on Driphter’s site. And if you got a RAZR today, send a tweet and pic to @driphter3G!

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