PrimeCo Makes Wireless Communications History With PCS Launch in 16 Cities Nationwide

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DALLAS — PrimeCo Personal Communications, L.P. today announced it will make wireless communications history by launching PCS networks in 16 major cities nationwide. The scope of the nationwide launch makes it the first and largest multimarket rollout on PCS spectrum, completed in 16 months from the day PrimeCo acquired its licenses.

With a mission to provide a service that features crystal-clear connections, improved reliability and a hassle-free experience for customers, the historical launch stands to change the way people use wireless communications.

"We are the first PCS provider to hit the streets in almost every market, and we've raised the bar for innovation and quality standards," said Ben Scott, PrimeCo's president and CEO. "They said it couldn't be done in one city, let alone in 16 cities coast to coast. This is the culmination of two years of research, planning, deployment and marketing from the customer up; and we're proud to make wireless history while the whole country is watching."

With its 16-city launch, PrimeCo is introducing a new kind of wireless service and differentiating itself from others in the wireless industry through solid strategy focused on reliability, customer control and providing a hassle-free experience. Calls on PrimeCo's network are almost crystal clear, with no cross-talk and virtually no interference or fading. PrimeCo offers consumers a new level of convenience and cost control: at the touch of a button on the phone they can get their current account balance; an automatic alert advises them when they near a pre-set spending limit; and caller ID and the first incoming minute on all calls are free.

Finally, PrimeCo's simplified pricing strategy makes the entire buying experience hassle free. In PrimeCo's serving areas, customers have only two airtime rates to remember, one for in-state calls, one for out-of-state calls. Customers no longer have to memorize confusing peak, off-peak, weekend or holiday rates.

PrimeCo's new digital wireless communications services will be commercially available tomorrow in Norfolk and Richmond, Va.; Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, and Tampa, Fla.; Chicago; Milwaukee; New Orleans; Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio, Texas; and Honolulu. Austin, Texas will launch its service within two to three weeks. Customers can purchase PrimeCo phones at nearly 1,000 local and national retailers including Best Buy, Circuit City, Computer City, Incredible Universe, Office Depot and RadioShack locations. PrimeCo will operate 34 retail stores and a 1-800 sales channel.

PrimeCo invested more than $1.1 billion at auction for its PCS licenses in 1994. The company invested another billion dollars in hardware, software and technology during its network build-out. PrimeCo is deploying CDMA technology from Lucent Technologies and Motorola Cellular Infrastructure Group. Handsets are provided by Qualcomm Personal Electronics.

PrimeCo Personal Communications owns PCS licenses covering 19 states and 58 million potential customers in 11 major trading areas. The company was formed by an alliance of AirTouch Communications, Bell Atlantic, NYNEX and US WEST Media Group, and has nearly 2,000 employees.

The combined cellular and PCS properties of PrimeCo and its owners include 39 of the top 50 U.S. markets, covering nearly 170 million people in 46 states and the District of Columbia. The wireless partnership plans to deliver to customers products and services that are easy to use, buy and afford, and provide seamless nationwide service. The address for PrimeCo's interactive web site is


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