Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile Provides Cellular Data Services to Aether

SILVER SPRING, MD — Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile, the largest wireless service provider on the East Coast, announced today that it will provide cellular data services to Aether Technologies International, LLC, so Aether's customers can access real-time stock quotes and national headline news, using a new pocket-sized cellular voice and data handset.

Aimed primarily at professional brokers and serious investors, the AirBrokerTM* Personal Investment Communicator from Aether Technologies will utilize the Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile AirBridge® Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD) network to transmit unlimited real-time market quotes from the four major stock exchanges -- NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ (NMS and OTC) and headline news.

In addition to providing secure cellular data transmission, the AirBroker phone has full-feature cellular voice capabilities with authentication to protect against cloning.

The AirBroker Executive Kit, which includes the AirBroker phone, two batteries, a fast charger, leather carrying case, and cigarette lighter adapter, will sell for $595. The monthly fee for unlimited access to the stock markets is $79. Customers who wish to activate the voice capability of the phone can select from Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile's service plans.

AirBroker phones are available by calling Aether Technologies toll free: 1-888-736-6721.

Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile's AirBridge packet service transmits "bursts" of packet data at high speeds. The technology lets mobile users access information quickly and accurately enabling them to maintain their productivity away from the office.

The AirBroker phone is manufactured by Pacific Communication Sciences, Inc. of San Diego, Ca. The company is a division of Cirrus Logic.

Based in Owings Mills, Md., Aether Technologies is an integrator of high-end wireless data systems primarily for the financial and transportation industries.

Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile is the second largest wireless service provider in the United States. The company owns and operates the most extensive network in the east, covering 110,000 square miles, and has and the second largest chain of wireless retail outlets, offering a full range of wireless personal communications services, including voice, data and paging. Based in Bedminster, N.J., with regional headquarters in Silver Spring, Md., Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile has 4.4 million customers and 6,500 employees in the Northeast, mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and, through a separate subsidiary, in the Southwest. The company was formed in July, 1995 by combining Bell Atlantic Mobile's and NYNEX Mobile's cellular operations. For information about the company, visit Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile's home page at


* AirBroker is a registered trademark of Aether Technologies LLC.