Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile Announces Business Pricing For

CTIA WIRELESS '97 SAN FRANCISCO — Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile announced today a pricing structure for its CellscapeSMservice that will give business customers throughout its footprint touch-of-a-button access to information on the Internet and on their corporate databases, including e-mail and key business indicators. In addition, the same hand-held device serves as a two-way short messaging system and a cellular phone, creating a cost-effective solution for maintaining high productivity on the road.

All Cellscape customers begin with the Cellscape basic package that provides access to information on corporate databases and enables all other Cellscape services. Customers can then add on to the basic package with services customized for their needs and budget. These can include Cellscape mail for sending and receiving e-mail via the Internet, Cellscape information service for access to select information on the Internet, and Cellscape fax service for sending larger amounts of information to a fax for easy review or to print a hard copy. In addition, customers have the option to activate cellular voice service for an additional fee.

For example, for $20.95 a month, Cellscape subscribers could access information on their corporate intranets approximately 300 times a month. For an additional $2.00 a month, customers can send up to 20 pages of information to a fax.

For $33.95 a month, Cellscape subscribers will get a Cellscape e-mail account and custom address, 20 fax pages a month, and the ability to access information on their corporate intranets or a wide array of information on the Internet like stock quotes, weather information, and national news headlines, approximately 300 times a month.

There is a one time activation fee of $45 per user. Cellular voice service fees and activation charges are not included.

[The attached pricing matrix diagrams the Cellscape pricing in more detail.]

Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile is the largest wireless service provider on the East Coast and the second largest in the United States. The company owns and operates the most extensive network in the east, covering 111,000 square miles, and the largest chain of wireless retail outlets, offering a full range of personal communications services including voice, data and paging. Based in Bedminster, NJ, the company has more than four million customers and 6,500 employees in the Northeast, mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and, through a separate subsidiary, in the Southwest. The company was formed in July, 1995 by combining Bell Atlantic Mobile's and NYNEX Mobile's cellular operations. For more information about the company, visit Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile's Home Page at