Bell Atlantic Mobile Redefines Digital Pricing

for consumers and businesses by lowering per-minute rates by 15 percent, and eliminating landline charges and peak/off-peak rate distinctions. In addition, customers can choose a reduced roaming rate plan when calling from anywhere in the U.S., an all-you-can-use mobile-to-mobile pricing plan for businesses with mobile workgroups, and a consumer-friendly digital phone rental option.

"Now that we've deployed digital service in all our markets, and have realized efficiencies from that deployment and other areas of our business, we can deliver pricing that makes digital accessible to all types of customers," said Jack Plating, Bell Atlantic Mobile's executive vice president and chief operating officer. "Digital is our most competitive offering in terms of price and value, because with our brand of digital, customers get the most advanced, integrated digital network on the East Coast."

The new DigitalChoiceSM pricing packages start as low as $19.99 with an increased amount of minutes included.

  • The per-minute rate for additional minutes has been reduced an average of 15 percent, depending on the plan and market.

  • Customers can then customize from a menu of options that will reduce costs and simplify billing:

  • Digital phone rental: $5 a month with most price plans.

  • Unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling: $10 a month. This will appeal to businesses with mobile workgroups who need to communicate with one another on the road, such as transportation and utility fleets, contractors or untethered staff, such as at stadiums.

  • Traveler Calling Option: for $5 a month, customers can use their digital phone at a reduced, uniform rate of 50-cents anywhere in the U.S.

  • Advanced services are also available: Digital numeric paging, Digital Text Messaging, PC, Web-based or operator dispatched and voice activated dialing. Monthly prices range from $2.99 to $24.99.

Bell Atlantic Mobile's DigitalChoice delivers increased call reliability, greater voice clarity, enhanced privacy and an array of advanced features. And customers use their phones virtually anywhere in the U.S. because Bell Atlantic Mobile wireless service can switch seamlessly to the analog network in geographic areas of the country where a digital network is not available.

Bell Atlantic Mobile is the largest wireless service provider on the East Coast and the second largest in the United States. The company owns and operates the most extensive network in the East, covering 111,000 square miles, and the largest chain of wireless retail outlets offering a full range of wireless personal communications services, including voice, data and paging. Based in Bedminster, NJ, Bell Atlantic Mobile has 5.4 million customers and 7,000 employees in the Northeast, mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and -- through a separate subsidiary -- the Southwest. Through its "Wireless at Work" community relations program, which includes HopeLine voice mail service, Bell Atlantic Mobile uses its wireless technology to help individuals and communities improve security and emergency communications.

Editor's note: Mark Lowenstein of the Yankee Group has been briefed on the new digital price plans and can be reached at (617) 880-0253.