CSG ERC Goes Hi-Tech With Bell Atlantic Mobile

WILMINGTON, Del. — Bell Atlantic Mobile is joining forces with the Council of State Governments Eastern Regional Conference (CSG ERC) by offering a sampling of popular hi-tech wireless communications solutions to conference attendees.

At the conference's "Cyber-Station" -- a display of laptop computers equipped with wireless modems and Bell Atlantic Mobile's AirBridge® Internet Access Service - attendees can stay in touch with their business associates by sending and receiving e-mail messages and even "surfing" the net. AirBridge also provides wireless access to corporate Intranets.

To keep communication flowing, Bell Atlantic Mobile also is loaning digital phones for use by some of the conference's distinguished guests. The company's DigitalChoicesm service provides increased voice clarity, inherent voice privacy and longer battery life. For extra convenience, the digital phones are pre-programmed to allow one-touch dialing for three key conference numbers.

To show how wireless technology is helping the Delaware State Police catch criminals, recover stolen cars and make more traffic arrests, State Trooper Craig Lewis will be on-hand to demonstrate Bell Atlantic Mobile's AirBridge service.

Using a vehicle-mounted or portable Mobile Data Terminal (MDT), the state police can run license plate checks and query local, state and federal criminal databases from the safety of their patrol car. They can even learn key information about a suspect - in as little as 5-10 seconds - before they set foot outside their patrol cars. The demonstration will show how the state police:

  • Run license and registration checks on a suspicious car
  • Conduct car-to-car messaging
  • Input accident reports
  • Integrate computer aided dispatch (CAD) with their MDT system
  • Utilize automatic vehicle location/global positioning system

The 20-minute demonstrations are scheduled for: Monday, August 10 at 11 a.m. and 2:15 p.m. and Tuesday, August 11 at 10 a.m. and noon.

Several state agencies throughout Delaware are also taking advantage of Bell Atlantic Mobile's wireless technology to help enhance communications and safety for its residents:

  • The Department of Services for Children, Youth & their Families (DSCYF) is currently testing Bell Atlantic Mobile's AirBridge service to provide instant access to the Family and Child Tracking System (FACTS). FACTS links 600 workers from different DSCYF divisions to a single state-of-the-art database, allowing them to integrate one another's work into a central case plan. The result: less time spent on paperwork and more time on client service.
  • Rural Domestic Violence Unit of the Delaware State Police - investigators can access the DELJIS system to retrieve background information on a suspect.
  • Sussex Community Policing - Delaware State Police officers visit Sussex County municipalities and share the critical information they obtain through their Mobile Data Terminals with local police departments.

Bell Atlantic Mobile owns and operates the largest wireless network in the East, covering 112,000 square miles, and the largest chain of retail outlets devoted exclusively to wireless voice, data and paging. Based in Bedminster, NJ, Bell Atlantic Mobile has 5.7 million customers and 7,000 employees from Maine to Georgia and, through a separate subsidiary, in the Southwest. Through its "Wireless at Work " community service program, the company uses its technology to help individuals and communities improve security and emergency communications. Bell Atlantic Mobile's parent is one of the world's largest wireless communications companies, with domestic operations in 25 states and international investments in Mexico, Europe and the Pacific Rim. For more information on Bell Atlantic Mobile visit: www.bam.com; on global operations visit: www.bellatlantic.com/worldwide.