Unlimited Wireless Internet and E-Mail Make it To The Mainstream in Washington/Baltimore

SILVER SPRING, Md. — Laptop, handheld computer and personal data assistant users have a new reason to cut the cord: affordable, predictable and secure mobile wireless connection to World Wide Web, at a price that won't break the bank, with Bell Atlantic Mobile AirBridge® Internet Access.

Making wireless Internet and e-mail accessible to a whole new segment of consumers in Washington/Baltimore, Bell Atlantic Mobile is now offering unlimited, flat-rate Internet and e-mail service for just $39.95 a month in the company's extensive AirBridge data footprint.

"With this new pricing, Internet users won't be bound by wires or inhibited by cost," said Gary Schulman, president of Bell Atlantic Mobile in the Washington/Baltimore region. "People in this market are among the most avid Internet users in the nation, ranked second only to Silicon Valley. Now they can be mobile, and still do all the things they're used to on the web, like e-mail, shop, trade stocks or check their companies' Intranet sites from virtually anywhere."

"Business people and consumers have told us they want all the features of the web and e-mail at their finger tips whether they're at home, in the office, on a train, or traveling in another town," said Schulman. "The use of wireless data has soared 126 percent in the last year among Bell Atlantic Mobile customers in Washington/Baltimore."

For $39.95, consumers get unlimited, flat-rate wireless access to the World Wide Web and e-mail while traveling within Bell Atlantic Mobile's extensive AirBridge data footprint, which spans from Boston to Fredericksburg, Va., and in the Carolinas. Users traveling outside this area are able to utilize the service at 8 cents a Kilobyte.

Consumers interested in getting more information, including terms and conditions, should call 1-800-308-DATA, stop by a Bell Atlantic Mobile Communications Store or visit www.bam.com.


Bell Atlantic Mobile was named leader in overall customer satisfaction among wireless users in the Washington/Baltimore market, according to the prestigious J.D. Power and Associates 1998 U.S. Wireless Customer Satisfaction Studysm

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