Telestet Launches New Stock Information Services

ATHENS, Greece — Greek investors on the street outside the Athens Stock Exchange building Friday got the chance to learn first hand about the latest way to access up-to-the-minute stock information. They were met on Sofokleous Street -- the Wall Street of Athens-- by Telestet representatives who demonstrated Telestet On-Line Stock, the new real-time stock information message service that can be accessed by mobile phone.

On-Line Stock provides easy and affordable access to instant information -- sent via a text message using Telestet Short Message Service -- on all stocks traded on the Greek Stock Exchange. The service also features the only real-time stock alerts for the Athens exchange by a mobile telephony provider in Greece.

To use the service, a customer simply enters a set of numbers on their handset to send a text message via Telestet Short Message Service. Within seconds, the service responds with the requested information on the user's handset screen. Each exchange carries a charge of about 60 drachmas, or less than US$0.20 cents. There is no registration fee or service charge.

Launched last week, On-Line Stock features

  • Stock Alert, a Telestet exclusive, providing immediate notification when a user-selected stock hits a target price for that trading day.

  • Exclusive detailed, real-time reports on individual stocks that include the latest trading price, percentage change, total volume, numbers of buyers and sellers, spreads and volumes, highs and lows, and the previous day's close.

  • Updates on as many as five stocks in one message.

  • Information on the top and bottom five stocks as well as trading volume information.

    In addition, users can access

  • Closing of the Greek exchange's general and industrial average indexes, as well as international index closings for the New York, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo and Paris stock markets.

  • Exchange rates for the current and previous days.

Telestet is providing the service in cooperation with KAPA-TEL, the Athens-based financial information service. Telestet On-Line Stock promotion and publicity will include print and broadcast advertising, direct mail to targeted audiences and subscriber bill inserts.

On-Line Stock's stock alert service is the latest in a string of firsts in the Greek market for Telestet. Last month, the company announced a partnership with National Bank of Greece to provide customers access to Telestet services using the bank's automated teller machines, as well as the commercial launch of Telestet Iridium, the first global satellite telephony service accessible by handset in Greece.

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