EuroTel Announces Fifty Percent Increase in Mobile Data Speed

Prague, Czech Republic — EuroTel Praha, the leading provider of mobile phone service in the Czech Republic, today became one of the first GSM operators in the world to increase its wireless data speeds to 14,400 bits per second across its national network. Current data speeds on most European mobile networks is 9,600 bits per second.

There is no additional cost to consumers.

"We are focusing on the development of future data services, and we want to provide our customers with higher speed GSM data transmission services today," said Steve Langkamp, Executive Director of Marketing and Sales for EuroTel.

The new data service is immediately available in phones supporting a data transfer rate of 14.4Kbps, such as Nokia's 6150, the 9110 Communicator, and the new 7110 that EuroTel will introduce this October at the INVEX Convention in the Czech Republic.

Advanced mobile data services especially benefit those "road warriors" who conduct business outside their offices and need to stay in touch with the office and clients. Customers will be able to send and receive e-mail, access a corporate database, send and receive faxes, browse the Internet, or synchronize a personal digital assistant with their computer via the wireless network.

The data-rate increase in EuroTel's network will decrease file capture or e-mail transmission times by up to 30%.

"In today's business environment, workers need the freedom to have instant access from wherever they happen to be," added Langkamp. "Only EuroTel is making such investments ofr its business customers."

EuroTel Praha Ltd is a joint venture of SPT Telecom Inc. (51%) and Atlantic West B.V. (49%). Atlantic West B.V. is equally owned by Bell Atlantic (NYSE: BEL) and MediaOne International, which is part of MediaOne Group (NYSE: UMG).