EuroTel Authorized For GSM 1800 MHz

Prague, Czech Republic — EuroTel Praha, the leading mobile operator in the Czech Republic, today announced that the Czech Telecommunications Office (CTU) has extended EuroTel's license for operating GSM service in the 1800 MHz frequency band.

EuroTel was the first GSM operator to construct and test 1800 MHz in the Czech Republic. EuroTel performed the first 1800 MHz service in the Czech Republic on April 18, 1998, as a special trial during the Prague Marathon. Today EuroTel has 35 of these 1800 MHz cell sites and will restart testing and new construction program immediately. According to the decision by the CTU, EuroTel is authorized to start commercial 1800 MHz operations in July 2000.

"The CTU recognized the need for additional frequency capacity to meet the needs of the dramatically growing number of EuroTel customers," said Ed Kingman, Managing Director of EuroTel Praha, s.r.o. "The additional frequency capacity will be a fully integrated part of the EuroTel network which is the most advanced in the Czech Republic."

EuroTel has been selling dual-band 900 MHz/1800 MHz phones for some time. Users of these phones will receive the same high level of quality and services they receive on 900 MHz today. All EuroTel customers will be able to use all the high quality services such as international roaming, SMS (Short Messaging Services), voice mail, and other advanced technologies, such as SuperSound.

Moreover, EuroTel is the only operator in the Czech Republic to offer data speeds of 14.4 Kbps, representing a 50 percent increase in data speed for the same low price. EuroTel was also the first to present new high speed data (known as HSCSD) at INVEX this October, where EuroTel demonstrated a live video transmission speed of 43.2 Kilobits per second.

"Customers choose EuroTel because it is the standard for quality and reliable coverage," said Kingman. "Our wide range of services and quality help our customers get more out of life."

EuroTel Praha, spol. s r.o., is a joint venture of SPT TELECOM, a.s., (51%) and Atlantic West B.V. (49%). Atlantic West B.V. is a company with an equal share of Bell Atlantic (NYSE:BEL) and MediaOne International, which is a part of MediaOne Group (NYSE:UMG)