National Bank Of Greece & Telestet Offer First Wireless Banking in Greece

ATHENS, Greece — The National Bank of Greece (NBG) and Telestet today launched the Greek market's first wireless application that allows customers easy anytime, anywhere access to a host of banking services using Telestet's cellular network.

Using Telestet's Short Messaging Service (SMS) application, customers can access real-time information and balances on any of the accounts and credit cards they have with NBG.

The new GSM Banking service is available to Telestet's contract and prepaid customers without any monthly fee or subscription charge.

The companies said they would eventually expand GSM Banking to include additional applications. One such service would automatically alert customers to any change in their account balance. GSM Banking marks the second step in a Stet Hellas, National Bank of Greece collaboration. Last July customers began to use NBG's nationwide network of ATMs to add credits to their Telestet prepaid phones or to pay monthly bills.

The National Bank of Greece noted this was yet another confirmation of its commitment to lead in the development of new retail banking services.

"The launch of these new services signifies a new era both for banking and mobile telephony. Telestet is committed to offering freedom to customers through services that save time and that improve the quality of their lives. Expect from us a flood of innovations in the telecom millennium," said the Managing Director of Stet Hellas, Mr. Roberto Rovera. "The National Bank of Greece is an outstanding collaborator and shares Telestet's strategy of ensuring that our customers find it easy to do business with us whenever and wherever they want."