EuroTel Provides First Wireless Internet Access

PRAHA, the Czech Republic — EuroTel Praha, the leading provider of mobile phone service in the Czech Republic, today announced the country's first WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) mobile Internet service, giving EuroTel customers quick and easy access to news and information through their mobile phones.

EuroTel's WAP service is one of the world's first launches of the technology. The company began developing its applications with its technology partners at the start of 1999.

"The introduction of WAP services will change the way people obtain news and information. The WAP phone will become a gateway to a world of information within reach anytime and anywhere," said Alexander Winkler, EuroTel deputy managing director.

EuroTel, through a first-of-its-kind network enhancement in the Czech Republic, will use the new Nokia 7110 media phone to allow users to view content from a mobile phone screen. A wide variety of content is available such as transportation schedules, TV/movie listings, sports, weather reports, restaurant menus, stock reports, e- mail, wireless banking or e-commerce, and CTK and CNN news. CNN Mobile, a unique news and information service, is only available from EuroTel.

EuroTel's recent increase in data transmission speed to 14,400 kbps (kilobits per second) means customers will also enjoy the fastest WAP service. EuroTel is one of just a few GSM operators in the world operating its network at 14,400 kbps. Most GSM providers operate at 9,600 kbps.

EuroTel customers will be able to purchase the new WAP phones this holiday season and begin viewing pages of information when they turn on their phone.

"EuroTel is working with Czech and international businesses to add new information sources and to continue to meet the varying interests of its customers," concluded Winkler. "As with the Internet today, users will be able to select information that is critical in their everyday life."

EuroTel Praha Ltd is the Czech Republic's largest wireless service provider with more than 950,000 customers. EuroTel's high quality GSM and T!P mobile phone networks cover a territory comprising 99 percent of the Czech Republic's population. EuroTel has over 400 more cell sites than the number two GSM operator, providing stronger signals and better reception throughout the country.

Only EuroTel offers SuperSound that provides the best sound quality throughout the Czech Republic. EuroTel is also the only company to offer NetCall-55, providing international calling at discounts of up to 65% compared to a home phone.

EuroTel Praha is a joint venture of SPT Telecom Inc. (51%) and Atlantic West B.V. (49%). Atlantic West B.V. is equally owned by Bell Atlantic (NYSE:BEL) and MediaOne International, which is a part of MediaOne Group (NYSE:UMG).