Verizon Wireless Drives Consumers to Think Safety When Calling From the Car

In pursuit of the golden rule of helping one another, 100,000 calls are made every day to 9-1-1 from a wireless phone -- to report accidents, suspected drunk drivers and crimes in progress. As wireless phones continue to be used as an essential safety and communications tool when on the road, it is important for users to remember another golden rule: safe driving is always their first responsibility.

Verizon Wireless, the largest wireless service provider in the U.S., is committed to encouraging the use of new hands-free technologies to make using wireless communications in the car easier and ultimately safer. The company offers a range of high quality, affordable options for hands-free wireless talking, available through its Communications Stores, its Online Store or at a number of popular retailers across the country.

As you head out onto the road, Verizon Wireless offers these tips for driving safely with your wireless phone.

  • Remember the golden rule: When behind the wheel, safe driving is always your first responsibility.
  • Dial your phone when the car is not in motion.
  • Always use hands-free when driving and talking; when you turn your phone on, make sure your hands-free device is on and working.
  • Pre-program important and frequently-dialed numbers including home and the babysitter, so you can dial them by pressing only a few buttons. (Press the SEND button after dialing 9-1-1. Help is only a few buttons away, but you must press SEND for the call to go through.)
  • Know your wireless phone number so emergency personnel can call you back. You may want to write it down and keep it in your car for quick reference.
  • If traffic conditions warrant your undivided attention, turn your phone off, and let calls go to Voice Mail or activate Call Forwarding.