Verizon Wireless Launches Digital Service In Aberdeen

ABERDEEN, WA — Verizon Wireless, the nation's largest wireless provider, today announced that it has launched digital service in Aberdeen. The availability of digital service offers consumers a long list of benefits, including superior voice quality, longer battery life and enhanced privacy. The expansion of Verizon Wireless' digital coverage from north Hoquiam to south Aberdeen, east to Olympia (including Kamilche and Shelton) and west to Ocean Shores is part of the company's $4.4 billion investment to improve its extensive, nationwide wireless network for 2001.

"The expansion of digital service to Aberdeen is an example of Verizon Wireless' commitment to continually develop and enhance its network," said Kelley DeLaney, regional president for Verizon Wireless in the Pacific Northwest. "Digital service will provide customers with numerous benefits, including greater call clarity and security, longer battery life and talk time, and the ability to use advanced wireless services such as Internet access and text messaging."

Previously, Verizon Wireless offered only analog service in the area. Now that both digital and analog service are available, customers with dual-mode (analog/digital) or tri-mode (analog/digital 800 MHz and 1900 MHz) phones will be able to take advantage of digital service immediately. At the same time, analog customers will continue to enjoy their existing coverage, and have the option to upgrade to a digital phone to enjoy the features and benefits of digital service.

Bringing digital service to Aberdeen also allows consumers to take advantage of Verizon Wireless' Digital Family Share Plans. The plans offer families with from two to four phones a pool of shared minutes from a monthly service plan, unlimited Mobile-to-Mobile calls (within the account), free nationwide long distance, and free Call Waiting, Three-Way Calling and Caller ID.

"Our customers are the real winners," said DeLaney. "Wireless phones are increasingly popular in this 400 square mile area because of all the things they enable people to do. We're seeing usage accelerate now that Verizon Wireless has launched digital service in Aberdeen. Wireless users are taking advantage of our digital capabilities, whether they live in the area or are just passing through."

About Verizon Wireless

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