New Product from Verizon Wireless is Fashioned for Young Adults


Verizon Wireless today introduced [FREEUP], a new service package specifically targeted at the nation's 34 million young consumers. [FREEUP]- so named for the freedom sought by young adults - bundles nationwide voice service, two-way text messaging and voice mail. At the same time, this unique service package frees customers from monthly bills, annual service contracts, credit checks for service and additional fees for roaming and long distance.

"[FREEUP] is a product we expect to revolutionize the way young people get into and use wireless service," said John Stratton, Verizon Wireless vice president and chief marketing officer. "We've combined the most popular features of wireless service and made it easy to buy for young customers."

[FREEUP] is an economical way for young customers to manage their wireless costs and have access to the latest wireless technology. Verizon Wireless designed [FREEUP] from the findings of a number of studies detailing the spending habits and wireless services preferences of the nation's 16 to 24 year olds.

Verizon Wireless research found that young adults want the latest wireless services like text messaging and flat-rate pricing, without cumbersome restrictions like network boundaries and annual contracts.

"Customers in this age group often have lifestyles that change drastically and rapidly," said Stratton. "They graduate from college, change jobs, change cities, and they do so within short periods of time. [FREEUP] is a simple, affordable, national service that will be their connection to friends and family from wherever life takes them."

Packaged at $124.99, the [FREEUP] starter package, includes a Nokia 5185i wireless handset, service activation, a $50 prepay [SETUP] Card, Mobile MessengerSM Spk 'n Txt short text messaging, voice mail, call waiting, domestic long distance, national roaming and [TIMEUP] Minute Meter,SM a feature that helps customers manage their usage and notifies them when it is time to replenish. [FREEUP] customers do not have to sign a contract nor does Verizon Wireless do a credit check on the purchaser.

[FREEUP] is available at 1,200 Verizon Wireless Communications Stores and 4,300 RadioShack locations nationwide.

The company is also meeting the market where it lives on college campuses. Verizon Wireless will sell [FREEUP] through 100 Barnes & Noble College Marketing Network campus bookstores primarily in the Northeast part of the country.

Verizon Wireless makes getting additional minutes easy and convenient with [REUP] replenishment cards. Customers can purchase the cards at Verizon Wireless Communications Stores, RadioShack, 7 Eleven Stores, Barnes & Noble College Marketing Network campus book stores (where available) or by calling 1-800 2 JOIN IN as well as online at the Verizon Wireless Online Store (

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[FREEUP] user guide (PDF format)