Verizon Wireless Introduces Spanish-Language 411 Connect

IRVINE, CA — Verizon Wireless customers throughout the Greater Los Angeles area can now receive directory assistance and more in Spanish. When customers dial "411 Send" from their wireless phones they hear an option to "press 2" to speak with a Spanish-speaking representative. 411 Connect operators will read the number to the customer in Spanish and connect the customer to the requested number.

"Our Spanish 411 Connect service is another way Verizon Wireless is making quality wireless communications a simple, affordable and useful tool for our customers who prefer to do business in Spanish," said regional president Mike Finley. "411 Connect is more than directory assistance. It connects customers to a wide variety of fun and useful information at a reasonable rate."

In addition to directory assistance, 411 Connect operators can search for, and provide:

  • Movie listings - the most convenient theater showing particular movies
  • Category searches - such as local auto repair, restaurants, theme parks and museums.
  • Event information - when a concert or sporting event starts, and where it's taking place.
  • Stock quotes - information by major exchanges, stock ticker, and most recent /current stock price (15-20 minute delay).
  • Sports scores - a game or event in progress or the final score of a game or event played -- up to 3 games/events. Records of Sports Scores are updated at 15-minute intervals. The sports available are baseball (MLB), football (NFL), basketball (NBA), hockey (NHL), and any other sporting event available on the ESPN Sports Network Internet site.
  • Weather Conditions - current and next-day weather conditions for up to 3 requested cities. Weather conditions for the requested city or the nearest major city for which weather reports are available. Records of weather conditions are updated twice daily.
  • Call completion - 411 Connect operators automatically place the call for customers so they don't have to write down the number. Call completion is especially useful for customers who use their phone in an automobile, enabling them to keep their attention on the road, and focus on responsible driving.
  • Reverse searches - customers can provide phone numbers and 411 Connect operators will provide the published name and address listing for up to three registered telephone numbers.

Verizon Wireless' 411 Connect is 99¢ per call, plus usual airtime and toll charges where applicable.

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