Turn Your Dad Into A Cyberdad With Wireless Technology

PHILADELPHIA, PA — While he rides the SEPTA train to work, help Dad get sports scores on his wireless phone. Leave a "LuvUDad" or "#1Pop" text message he can view when in a meeting or on another call. Or, get Dad hooked up to a wireless Internet connection, so he can check stocks while on the beach or golf course. This Father's Day, teach Dad to be a CyberDad.

There are several new wireless technologies that not only make Dads' lives easier, but make them more accessible to their high-school and college-age kids already using the latest technologies. This Father's Day, teach Dad how to use the full range of wireless communications and help him become a "CyberDad."

Text messaging from a wireless phone. Text-messaging, already wildly popular in Europe and Asia, is gaining momentum in the United States. Text messages can be sent discreetly, quickly and inexpensively from one wireless phone to another without using valuable airtime minutes. Text messaging even has its own shorthand language (such as BHL8 for "Be Home Late" and CUB L8R "Call You Back Later"). With Verizon Wireless' Mobile MessengerSM nationwide short messaging service (SMS), Dad can send and receive text messages via his mobile phone or PC E-mail address (it usually takes less than 10 seconds for the message to be transmitted).

To make sure Dad gets lots of practice, Verizon Wireless offers text-messaging packages starting as low as 2.99 a month (for 100 messages sent or received). Or, have Dad send a message from the Mobile Messenger companion Website at http://www.vtext.com.

Access the Internet from a wireless phone. Dad need not be tied to his desktop PC to surf the Internet. Many of today's digital wireless phones have Internet access capability so Dad can take the World Wide Web with him wherever he goes. Using the wireless phone's built-in browser, and Verizon Wireless' new Mobile Web with Microsoft MSN® service, Dad can read his MSN Hotmail®, send an instant message with MSN Messenger and set-up customized content delivery from a range of sites, including MSNBC, ESPN, Expedia, MSN Money and more. Cost: Mobile Web access is $6.95/month and includes 100 free alerts.

Surf the Web without wires-FAST! Wireless Internet access at speeds equivalent to desktop computer dial-up service is now reality. True CyberDads can utilize this innovation to their advantage, increasing productivity and efficiency. Get Dad on the fast track this Father's Day with Express NetworkSM from Verizon Wireless. Express Network significantly enhances the speed and efficiency at which mobile users can access the Internet, corporate intranets and E-mail wirelessly with a compatible PC Card or phone with its Mobile Office Kit, sold separately. Express Network high-speed wireless Internet access is available in most major U.S. markets. Cost: $30/month on Express Network National Calling Plans, starting at just $35 per month.

Keep it together with the latest all-in-one tech gadget. For the ultimate CyberDad, Verizon Wireless offers the AudioVox Thera, a hand-held personal computing device that combines a personal digital assistant (PDA) with Microsoft Windows® Pocket PC 2002, text-messaging capability, Internet access (Express Network compatible) and a wireless phone. Weighing in at just seven ounces, the Thera offers all of the necessary tools to help your CyberDad manage his personal life and business on the go. Cost: $799 (with 2-year cellular service agreement).

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