Verizon Wireless Launches Express Network In Omaha, NE Area

OMAHA, NE — Starting Thursday, September 26, Verizon Wireless customers in Omaha will be able to reap the benefits of a significantly faster, more robust wireless experience with the expansion of Express NetworkSM, the company's national high-speed wireless data network. Now with the rollout in Omaha and other locations this week, more than 800 major cities across the country have received Express Network since its initial launch in January of this year.

Verizon Wireless' Express Network enhances all levels of wireless communication, from voice transmission, Internet browsing and email, to enterprise applications that give companies with mobile employees tools for increased productivity and efficiency. Express Network also enhances the wireless experience of many specialized, vertical applications, such as telemetry, transaction processing and database access.

"Being out of the office no longer means being out of the loop," said Rich Garwood, president of Verizon Wireless' Great Plains Region. "With the flexibility that Express Network service affords, businesses will benefit from increased worker productivity. In addition, business travelers no longer have to worry about finding a phone jack in order to remotely access important documents and emails since our high-speed network is available in more than 800 cities throughout the country."

Express Network customers can expect speeds similar to or better than what users experience when dialing in from their home PC—average data transmissions speeds are between 40 and 60 kilobits per second (Kbps) with bursts up to 144 Kbps.

Minute- or Data-Based Price Plans: Customers Can Make the Call

To accommodate its customers, Verizon Wireless is offering two different pricing options. Customers accustomed to measuring wireless use by the minutes used can take advantage of the Express Network on most digital voice calling plans. In this scenario, all minutes are used for both data or voice. Customers who are heavy data users can take advantage of tiered rate plans that are based on actual data usage starting at $35 per month for 10 megabytes up to a flat rate of $99 per month, with some restrictions, for unlimited Express Network usage.

Express Network Equipment

Verizon Wireless Express Network customers have a choice of affordable equipment options, including phones, PDAs and PC cards. The Audiovox Thçra is the newest Windows-Powered Pocket PC that allows customers to make voice calls and access Express Network or surf the Web. The device retails for $784.99 and includes a color screen and features such as handwriting recognition. The Sierra Wireless AirCard 555, which retails for $299.99, enables customers to add voice, circuit-switched data and short messaging service capabilities to their laptops, select PDAs, and other computing devices.

Several Express Network data-compatible wireless handsets are available through Verizon Wireless corporate sales and Communications Stores in the greater Omaha market. The Kyocera 2235, a tri-mode wireless handset that retails for $79.99, is a communications system that includes many attractive features: voice-activated dialing, a WAP browser, electronic games, two-way text messaging and predictive text-input software for rapid text entry. The new 3.8-ounce LG VX1 enables users to access Verizon Wireless' high-speed Express Network with one of the smallest and lightest tri-mode digital phones on the market. Customers will find this phone, which retails for $199.99, loaded with features that include LG Mobile Phone's characteristic external LCD, which allows users to view incoming calls, signal strength, battery reference level, date and time—all without opening the handset.

In addition, the Audiovox 9155-GPX phone retails for $79.99 and features a speakerphone and voice-activated dialing. With a subscription to Express Network and a compatible Mobile Office kit, sold separately, these data-capable phones offer customers the opportunity for faster Internet access.

For more information about the Verizon Wireless Express Network, visit In the Omaha area, Verizon Wireless Communication Stores are located at 72nd and Dodge Street, 132nd and Center Street, and at West Roads Mall, Oakview Mall and Mall of the Bluffs.

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