Verizon Wireless Gives Marquette Fans a New Way to Cheer

MILWAUKEE, WI — Whether meeting friends at The Ardmore or at a rally near the St. Joan of Arc Chapel, Marquette University basketball fans can use their wireless phones to spread their excitement about the Golden Eagles' coveted spot in the NCAA Final Four. Using Verizon Wireless' TXT Messaging service, fans can send each other messages to gather for a victory march, scope a game-watching spot or arrange a ride to New Orleans for the national semifinals.

Verizon Wireless, the nation's leading provider of wireless communications, offers a TXT Messaging dictionary to make it easier for Golden Eagle fans to communicate about their favorite team or to say "We Are Marquette!"

    Conference USA Champs
    C-USA #1

    Al McGuire

    We Are Marquette
    W R MRQT

    Holy Mackerel

    Jes Res
    JZ RZ

    Relive the Lanche on Wells

    The Ardmore
    ARD >

    Golden Eagles

    Former Warriors


    Tom Crean

    St. Joan of Arc Chapel
    JN ^ 

    McCormick Hall

    Travis Diener

    Robert Jackson

    Scott Merritt

    Steve Novak

    Dwyane Wade

On Verizon Wireless' TXT Messaging companion Web site,, Golden Eagle fans can join a community chat with other basketball fans to share predictions and taunts, or they can form chat communities of their own to rejoice with other Marquette fans throughout the remainder of the tournament. Verizon Wireless customers can also sign up for TXT Alerts to get the latest facts, sports scores, info and news-all related to the NCAA tournament.

Verizon Wireless TXT Messaging customers can pay as they go for $0.02 for each message received and $0.10 for each message sent, or select from bundled plans for $2.99 monthly access for 100 messages, $3.99 monthly access for 200 messages and $7.99 monthly access for 600 messages sent or received. They also may sign up for the $2.99 monthly access bundled plan before April 30, 2003, to get unlimited TXT Messaging and TXT Alerts each month until June 30, 2003.

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