Verizon Wireless Puts Safety First In Washington State

BELLEVUE, WA — With Wireless Safety Week (May 19-23) and Memorial Day kicking off the summer travel season for millions of Americans, Verizon Wireless is reminding all wireless phone users to make safety their top priority when driving.         

"Wireless phones play an important role in both personal and public safety and they offer great convenience and peace of mind.  Nevertheless, driving responsibly is a wireless user's primary responsibility when behind the wheel," said Kelley Kurtzman, regional president for the Northwest region.  "That's why Verizon Wireless continues to be actively engaged in educating our customers on safety first while driving.  Our Responsible Driving Action Plan includes making affordable hands-free devices available for customers and providing safety messaging in our advertising and marketing efforts. We remain the only carrier to support proposed statewide legislation requiring the use of hands-free devices when driving and using a wireless phone."  

Here are seven easy tips to keep in mind when driving:

    1. Safe driving is always your first responsibility.2. Dial your phone only when you car is not in motion.3. Always use a hands-free device when driving and talking.  Take advantage of voice-activated dialing if your phone has this feature.  When you turn your phone on, make sure your hands-free device is on and working.4. Pre-program important and frequently dialed numbers, including home and babysitter, so you can dial them by pressing only a few buttons.5. Never take notes or write down phone numbers while driving.  Rather, pull off the road to a safe spot or leave yourself a message on your voice mail system.6. Know your wireless phone number so emergency personnel can call you back.  You may want to write it down and keep it in your car for quick reference.7. If traffic conditions warrant your undivided attention, turn your phone off, and let calls go to voice mail or activate call forwarding.        

In addition to offering hands-free technology, Verizon Wireless offers a brochure on how to drive responsibly while using a wireless phone.  Free copies of the brochure may be ordered via email:  Or they may be downloaded from

Since 1990, the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association (CTIA) and its member companies, including Verizon Wireless, have sponsored Wireless Safety Week to focus attention on the important role wireless plays in safety.

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