Verizon Wireless Adds Cell Towers Near Lawton, Oklahoma

LAWTON, OK — As part of a continuing effort to provide the best wireless service in and around Lawton, Okla., Verizon Wireless — the nation's leading provider of wireless communications — expanded its network with three new cell towers in the area during the second quarter of 2003.  Verizon Wireless has activated a total of 95 cell towers in the region since January.

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The following cell towers were added to enhance coverage in and around Lawton:

  • A new cell site was activated at the Macarthur School located in Lawton east of Interstate Highway 44.  The new site provides coverage to the area east of I-44 between the eastern section of the Fort Sill Military reservation and the town of Geronimo.  This site will also provide coverage to the Fort Sill Indian School.
  • One tower located in Lawton near the intersection of Lee Boulevard and I-44 provides coverage to central Lawton between south Fort Sill and Geronimo.
  • The Fletcher site is located in Fletcher near I-44, providing coverage between Fletcher and Lawton.  It will also provide coverage to Lake Ellsworth, Cyril and Elgin.

The performance of our digital network is a key reason Verizon Wireless is the largest wireless service provider in the nation," said David McCarley, executive director of network for Verizon Wireless' Texas Region, which includes southern Oklahoma.  "The activation of new towers in the Lawton area demonstrates our commitment to providing the nation's highest-quality wireless network to customers in Oklahoma."           

Verizon Wireless has invested more than $8 billion nationwide in network development during the past two years.  Network expansion in the Lawton area is a result of Verizon Wireless' ongoing efforts to enhance its digital network — the largest in the United States — and improve its coverage and call reliability in Oklahoma, said McCarley.

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