Sierra Wireless Ships One-Millionth Wireless Product

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA — Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR)(TSX: SW) reached a significant milestone today in its global distribution of wireless products and solutions by shipping its one millionth unit - an AirCard® 555 - with Verizon Wireless to Liebert® Corporation, an Emerson Network Power company. With one of the world's largest service teams dedicated to the maintenance and on-site repair of critical computer support systems, Liebert Global Services selected the award winning AirCard 555 operating on the Verizon Wireless NationalAccess network to empower its employees with fast, wireless access to information.

"We celebrate with Sierra Wireless today on its one millionth shipment of wireless products," said Bob Mains, Director of Information Technology for Liebert Global Services. "In our business, it is imperative to have wireless data access that we can count on and with Sierra Wireless products we are guaranteed results. The AirCard not only provides easy connectivity, but also unmatched reliability, which helps eliminates downtime. Combined with the availability and speed of Verizon's high speed data network, the AirCard 555 is one tool that truly improves our organization's productivity."

Sierra Wireless continues to develop products for existing and emerging wireless networks. The company celebrates this milestone with major service providers and distributors of its suite of wireless products around the world including Handspring, Hitachi, Panasonic, and Toshiba, as well as leading operator partners in Asia, Europe, and North America.

"Verizon Wireless congratulates Sierra Wireless on one million units shipped," said Cindy Patterson, Vice President - Enterprise Marketing for Verizon Wireless. "Sierra Wireless continues to show strong leadership in the wireless data market, and has a solid reputation for delivering innovative and reliable wireless solutions. Organizations have come to rely on Verizon Wireless for their mobile communications needs and we continue to partner with Sierra Wireless to ensure that we meet the immediate needs of our customers with reliable and quality products."

Connecting Customers Worldwide

For over 10 years, Sierra Wireless continues to be a leading developer and manufacturer of wireless solutions, and a producer of world-class products for customers around the globe. Known for their superior performance and support, Sierra Wireless's products include seven generations of AirCard® PC Cards, the MP Series of rugged vehicle-mounted wireless systems, and OEM modules for embedded applications. The company recently expanded its product portfolio by introducing VoqTM professional phone, a new Windows MobileTM based Smartphone for customers in global markets.

"Increased customer demand for Sierra Wireless products has significantly contributed to the company's achievements over the last decade. We take pride in our ability to consistently deliver a best in class suite of products to our customers around the world," said David Sutcliffe, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for Sierra Wireless. "Wireless data communication continues to provide results for end users who need instant access to information and applications, and Sierra Wireless remains committed to offering innovative tools that meet the evolving needs of our customers today and tomorrow."

The strength of Sierra Wireless's strategic relationships with wireless service providers, computer manufacturers, and software developers has been key to the success of the company. Working with leading companies around the world, Sierra Wireless continues to focus on creating solutions tailored to meet the needs of its customers in several enterprise markets including public safety, field sales, field service, financial services, insurance, and transportation.

"It's crucial in our business to maintain constant communication with our customers around the world and stay in touch with global market trends. We can't afford to use anything less than world class products when we travel or work away from the office," said Eric. F. Kohn, Managing Partner, Barons Financial Services, United Kingdom, "The Sierra Wireless AirCard 750 continues to surpass our expectations and now keeps us connected anywhere, anytime with leading edge technology."

Empowering Mobile Professionals

Sierra Wireless's diverse product line is designed to wirelessly connect mobile professionals to mission-critical information including corporate applications, e-mail, personal and professional contact information, and the Internet - anywhere, anytime.

  • The Sierra Wireless AirCard slips into the PC Card slot on laptops and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), enabling seamless wireless access and superior battery performance. Seven generations of AirCard products have been introduced by Sierra Wireless, each uniquely designed to empower mobile professionals. These products include the AirCard 210 for the AMPS and CDPD network, the AirCard 300 and AirCard 350 for the CDPD network, the AirCard 400 for the Ricochet network, the AirCard 510 for the CDMA ISP5A network, the AirCard 550 and AirCard 555 for the CDMA2000 1X network, the AirCard 710 and AirCard 750 for the GSM/GPRS network, and the new AirCard 580 for the CDMA2000 1x EV-DO network. For more information on the award winning AirCard product line, please visit  

  • The Sierra Wireless MP Series operates in extreme temperatures and meets US Military and SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) specifications for vibration, shock, and humidity. Built for extreme environments and industries that require an in-vehicle mobile solution, Sierra Wireless MP products, including the MP 750 GPS for GSM/GPRS networks and the MP 555 GPS for CDMA2000 1X networks, are designed to offer higher transmission speeds across a broad range of carriers and geographies. For more information please visit  

  • OEM Modules: Smaller than a matchbook, Sierra Wireless embedded modules can be built into virtually any computing device - including laptops, PDAs (Personal Data Assistants), point-of-sale terminals, monitoring equipment, and industrial meters. Currently, Sierra Wireless OEM modules are built into leading commercial products including the Audiovox Thera, Handspring Treo 600, and Hitachi G1000. For more information please visit  

  • VoqTM professional phone is a new class of mobile phone that offers a flip-open QWERTY thumbpad and easy-to-use software solutions for business users, including secure, serverless, always-there e-mail. Based on the Windows MobileTM 2003 software for Smartphone, Voq professional phone incorporates the best features of your current mobile phone, a messaging device and a PDA - in one. For more information on Voq professional phone please visit  

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    About Sierra Wireless Sierra Wireless is a leader in delivering highly differentiated wireless solutions that enable our customers to improve their productivity and lifestyle. Sierra Wireless develops and markets the AirCard, the industry-leading wireless PC card line for portable computers; embedded modules for OEM wireless applications; the MP line of rugged vehicle-mounted connectivity solutions; and Voq, a line of mobile phones with easy-to-use, secure software solutions for mobile professionals. For more information about Sierra Wireless please visit  

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