Calling All Jocks, Music Buffs, Spiritual Gurus, City Slickers and Dancing Queens — Verizon Wireless' Get It Now Service Has Applications for Everyone

SAN DIEGO and BEDMINSTER, NJ — If wireless customers want what is cool with mobile phones, Verizon Wireless lets them choose from more than 520 applications including games, productivity tools, information services, ringtones, wallpaper and more on its wildly popular Get It Now® service. Get It Now from Verizon Wireless puts a virtual software store on customers' phones and lets Verizon Wireless customers do just about anything with their wireless phones - customers can read prophecies and devotionals with Left Behind® Mobile Prophecies from Airborne Entertainment, start their careers in the major or minor league with Batter Up! by FOX Sports™, download the Modtones' version of "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" by Jay-Z, get a local weather report or hot new restaurant review with Verizon SuperPages On the GoSM or bowl their socks off with JAMDAT Bowling. In fact, Get It Now from Verizon Wireless offers customers 40 percent more applications than the next competing service, so there is sure to be something for everyone.

The Get It Now virtual store is organized to help customers find what they want, when they want it. With virtual shopping aisles including getGAMES, getTONES, getGOING, getPIX, getFUN and getMESSAGING, it's easier than ever for customers to jump right to the applications that suit their interests. Verizon Wireless also has a "What's New" category for customers who want to see the newest additions to the Get It Now lineup. New applications are introduced every Wednesday so customers can keep their handsets up-to-date with the latest cool releases (see most popular applications listings below).

For spiritually minded customers, Left Behind Mobile Prophecies delivers a daily prophecy, complete with insight from Jenkins and LaHaye, that situates them within the vibrant world of Left Behind®. Customers can also read a Daily Devotional, a regularly refreshed feature that offers prayer, meditation or quotes to inspire reflection and belief. Both the Daily Prophecy and the Daily Devotional can be stored as bookmarks on customers' wireless phones for further reference.

Fans of America's favorite pastime will be knocked out of the park with Batter Up! by FOX Sports. Published by Sorrent, Batter Up! by FOX Sports lets fans step out of the on-deck circle and begin their career as a rookie in the minor leagues. As their homerun hitting skills improve, they can advance through the majors and eventually become an All-Star. Customers have the choice of facing one of four pitchers, putting their big league talents in the batters box against hard-throwing veterans. Features of the game include exploding scoreboards, stadium fireworks, detailed renditions of fans in the bleachers and homerun balls shattering windshields on parked cars.

Music junkies can download the latest and greatest ringtones from Modtones by Faith West. From rap to reggae, classics to blues, jazz to funk, as well as hip-hop hits, movie soundtracks, pop songs, TV themes and more, Modtones offers Verizon Wireless Get It Now customers thousands of ways to personalize their phones.

For customers lost and confused (or just looking for local information) the newest generation of Verizon Communications' SuperPages On the Go gives customers everything from hot movie reviews to cool weather forecasts anywhere in the United States, as well as maps, driving directions and directory information - even restaurant reviews.

JAMDAT Bowling continues to be one of the most popular applications among Get It Now customers. Aim at the pocket, adjust the power, add spin, and send it down the lane - watch the pin action in the close-up view. JAMDAT Bowling lets customers enjoy all aspects of the game…without the stinky shoes.

Love card games but can't get to Las Vegas? Multiplayer games, where players compete against each other and can enter to compete for prizes and fun, are some of the hottest applications today. One of the recent additions to the multiplayer line up is Hold'em Poker+ for Prizes™ application from Atlas Mobile where players pick their cards to build their best hands and block the virtual opponents.

And customers can get what they want with Get It Now's simplified pricing. Airtime charges apply when browsing, downloading and using certain applications. Applications are priced as follows:

  • getIM, getEMAIL and getBROWSING - $4.99 monthly access plus airtime
  • getTONES, getGAMES, getFUN, getMESSAGING, getGOING, and getPIX - Download charges vary by application, airtime charges apply
  • getALERTS and getTXT - 10¢ per message sent and 2¢ for each message received, or bundled pricing of $2.99 per month for 100 TXT Messages and TXT Alerts, $3.99 per month for 200 TXT Messages and TXT Alerts sent and received, or $7.99 per month for 600 TXT Messages and TXT Alerts sent and received.

Verizon Wireless products and services are available in more than 1,200 Verizon Wireless Communications Stores, at participating Circuit City and RadioShack locations and on the Web at Customers need a Get It Now-enabled handset and Verizon Wireless digital service. For more information on Get It Now, visit  

Top 10 Get It Now Games*1. Tetris® by Blue Lava Wireless2. PAC-MAN® by Namco3. JAMDAT Bowling by JAMDAT4. Ms. PAC-MAN® by Namco5. Frogger by Upstart Games6. Heads Up Hold'em by Grind Games7. EA Sports™ Tiger Woods PGA Tour® Golf by JAMDAT8. Downtown Texas Hold'em by Downtown Wireless9. Solitaire by JAMDAT10. Bejeweled by JAMDAT

Top 5 Get It Now Movie Games*1. Finding Nemo by Walt Disney Internet Group2. Top Gun ™ Air Combat by Mforma 3. Pirates of the Caribbean by Walt Disney Internet Group4. The Fast and The Furious™ by Digital Bridges Limited5. X Men™ 2: Battle by Mforma

Top 5 Get It Now Kids Games*1. SpongeBob Darts by THQ2. CS Garfield Pinball by Centerscore3. CS Garfield Bowling by Centerscore4. Tom and Jerry Cheese Chase by Macrospace Limited5. Garfield Sled Zone by Centerscore

Top 5 Get It Now Casino Games*1. Casino by JAMDAT2. Downtown Texas Hold'em by Downtown Wireless3. Hold'em Poker+ for Prizes™ by Atlas Mobile4. Heads Up Hold'em by Grind Games5. CS Video Poker by Centerscore

Top 5 Get It Now Classic Games*1. PAC-MAN® by Namco2. Ms. PAC-MAN® by Namco3. Who Wants to be a Millionaire® Mobile Edition by Cosmic Infinity4. Tetris® Tournaments by Blue Lava Wireless5. Frogger by Upstart Games

Top 5 Get It Now Puzzle Games*1. Bejeweled by JAMDAT2. Snood by THQ3. Blue Blocks by Blue Lava Wireless4. Jumble® by Mobliss5. Collapse by JAMDAT

Top 5 Get It Now Action Games*1. Call of Duty by Mforma Americas2. Metal Slug by Digital Bridges Limited3. Duke Nukem Mobile by SK USA4. Dracula™ by Mforma Americas5. Air Raid by Flying Tiger Development

Top 5 Get It Now Sports Games*1. JAMDAT Bowling by JAMDAT2. Football by JAMDAT3. Nineball by Summus4. EA Sports ™Tiger Woods PGA Tour® Golf by JAMDAT5. Suzuki Motocross Challenge by Thumbworks

Top 10 Get It Now Ringtone Providers*1. Modtones by FaithWest2. Xringer by Kanematsu3. Ringster 2.0 by Moviso4. Sony Music Box by Sony Music5. Midiringtones by Midiringtones6. Mytonz by Mitsui7. Modtones DJ by Faith8. toneplayer by Ztango9. Disney Magic Kingdom Collection by Disney Mobile10. Tonemaker by Sonic Branding

Top 10 Modtones Ringtones*1. Burn by Usher2. Rubber Band Man by T.I. 3. Tipsy by J-Kwon4. Dirt Off Your Shoulder by Jay-Z5. PIMP by 50 Cent6. Overnight Celebrity by Twista7. California (Theme from OC) 8. All Falls Down (Self Conscious) by Kanye West9. Halloween (Theme) 10. The Reason by Hoobastank

Top 10 Xringer Ringtones* 1. Super Mario Bros (Movie Theme) 2. Get Low by Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz feat. Ying Yang Twins3. Halloween (Movie Theme) 4. Dirt Off Your Shoulder by Jay-Z5. Confessions, Pt 2 by Usher6. Smile by G-Unit7. Big Poppa by Notorious BIG8. Take My Breath Away by Jessica Simpson; Berlin9. In Da Club by 50 Cent10. Mission Impossible (Movie Theme)

Top 10 Ringster 2.0 Ringtones*1. Overnight Celebrity by Twista2. In Da Club by 50 Cent3. Dirt Off Your Shoulder by Jay-Z4. Burn by Usher5. Toxic by Britney Spears6. Regulate by Warren G feat. Nate Dogg7. Pink Panther (Theme) 8. Mission Impossible (Movie Theme) 9. Nuthin' But A "G" Thang by Dr. Dre10. Big Poppa by Notorious BIG

Top 10 MidiRingtones Ringtones*1. Overnight Celebrity by Twista2. Confessions (Part 2) by Usher3. All Falls Down by Kanye West4. Dirt Off Your Shoulder by Jay-Z5. PIMP by 50 Cent6. Tipsy by J-Kwon7. Brass Monkey by Beastie Boys8. Smile by G-Unit9. Big Poppa by Notorious BIG10. If I Ain't Got You by Alicia Keys

Top 5 Selling Get It Now-enabled Handsets**1. LG VX44002. LG VX60003. Kyocera KX4144. LG VX45005. Motorola T730

Top 5 Get It Now Email Applications*1. My Mobile Mail by Activate2. Soda Pop Mail by Tourmaline Networks3. Email Executive by Tourmaline Networks4. Remo by Xpherix5. My Mobile Mail Lite by Activate

Top 10 Get It Now Wallpaper Applications*1. MySeenz by Mitsui2. GuyStuff by Vindigo3. MyWallpaper by dotPhoto4. Pictorama by Vindigo5. Muse™ Wallpaper by Airborne 6. Wallpaper Universe by Funmail7. Funmail Wallpaper by Funmail8. American PinUp Art by OpenPath9. Lord of the Rings™ Wallpaper by JAMDAT10. Peanuts Wallpaper by Funmail

*For the period of May 1, 2004 to May 31, 2004**For the period of January 1, 2004 through May 31, 2004

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About Get It NowGet It Now from Verizon Wireless puts a virtual software store inside a wireless phone. Customers with Get It Now-capable phones can download applications over the air and purchase them from their phones. getTXT, getIM and getEMAIL help customers stay in touch and communicate with others. getGAMES keeps customers entertained, while getGOING applications, made for today's mobile lifestyle, offers restaurant location services with maps, directions and more. View and share digital photos with getPIX, check out Web cams with getFLIX or identify incoming callers by assigning a unique ring with getTONES. getALERTS keeps customers informed while getBROWSING lets them access the Web from their wireless phone.

Get It Now is a registered trademark of Verizon Wireless.