Verizon Wireless Expands Network Coverage into York County, Maine

WOBURN, MA — Verizon Wireless today announced the expansion of its nationwide network into York County, Maine. The company has built and activated more than a dozen new cell sites and plans to add more this summer and throughout the year. The network build out follows the $750 million purchase of wireless spectrum in markets across the country last year.

Maine's Coastline Gains Wireless CoverageJust in time for the summer, the new cell sites will provide Maine residents and visitors with wireless coverage along Route 1 and I-95 (Maine Turnpike) — Maine's coastline in York County beginning in Eliot, with additional coverage expected along Route 236, Route 9 into Wells and Kennebunk; and Route 111 into Biddeford and Saco. Enhancements to new and existing coverage will continue throughout the year.

"A wireless phone is only as good as the network it's on and we're pleased to provide enhancements in York County," said Bob Stott, president of Verizon Wireless' New England Region. "Our network expansion will allow us to better meet the growing needs of our customers' voice calls and data applications, like our two-way TXT messaging and Picture Messaging services, high-speed NationalAccess wireless Internet service and Get it Now® downloadable applications."

Verizon Wireless' invests more than $1 billion every 90 days in its nationwide network to offer customers the most extensive wireless voice and data network in the United States.

Testing York County's Network with Test ManVerizon Wireless' national TV commercials featuring Test Man asking the question, "Can you hear me now? Good!®" are based on real-life engineers whose job it is to constantly test and optimize the network. The company has its own local test man, Gene Giordano, who will soon be riding around York County, in addition to his regular stints in Cumberland and Androscoggin counties, in a specially equipped $300,000 test vehicle built to analyze the performance of Verizon Wireless' network. Road warriors like Gene, whose official title is Network Engineer, drive thousands of miles each month to ensure wireless network quality by simultaneously testing the networks of as many as eight wireless providers, using a mobile laptop computer to generate phonically diverse "conversations." The data gathered from these calls is used to analyze network changes and needs for increased capacity, as well as troubleshoot areas for dropped calls or dead spots.

Verizon Wireless monitors its network full time, so Gene is on the road daily-- driving, testing, calling and analyzing. Occasionally, he stops long enough to let folks know the nickname of his test vehicle, "Porcupine," referenced as such due to its many rooftop antennae.

LNP now NationwideAs of Monday, May 24, wireless customers in Maine and across the country are able to switch wireless carriers and keep their wireless phone number as part of the second phase of local number portability (LNP). Most customers in the top 100 markets have been able to switch carriers or "port" and hold onto their existing wireless phone numbers since last November. Since May 24, customers nationwide have the same benefits and options. Customers interested in porting their number to Verizon Wireless can do so via phone, 1-800-2 JOIN IN, the Internet, or by visiting one of the company's local Communications Stores in Auburn, Brunswick, Portland or Windham.

News Editor's Note: Test Man Ride-Along ProgramIf you are interested in setting up an interview with Verizon Wireless or to schedule a ride-along test drive with Verizon Wireless' local test man Gene Giordano, please contact Wendy Bulawa Agudelo at 617.851.3426;  

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