Verizon Wireless Expands Digital Service in the California Seaside Cities of Point Mugu and Point Hueneme

IRVINE, CA — In a continuing effort to provide the best wireless service for Los Angeles residents, Verizon Wireless, the nation's leading wireless provider, has expanded its digital, high-speed network in Point Mugu, California, by adding a new cell site near the city.

The new site will bring improved coverage and increased capacity to the more than 16,000 military and civilian employees at the Naval Air Warfare Center to the south, the 2,600 active duty personnel at the Naval Construction Battalion Center in the city of Port Hueneme to the west and the residents of both seaside cities. The site includes Verizon Wireless' standard network redundancy features to ensure superior reliability.

"This network expansion allows us to meet the growing need of the people who live and work in these communities for reliable voice calls and data applications," said Marni Walden, Verizon Wireless regional president.

In 2003, Verizon Wireless invested $600 million to further expand and enhance its wireless voice and data network in California, and safeguard network reliability. Each year, Verizon Wireless invests on average about a billion dollars every 90 days in its national network, constantly improving and expanding what already is the largest, most reliable nationwide wireless network in the United States.

The company's 'most reliable network' claim is based on network studies performed by real-life test men and test women who inspired the company's national advertising campaign. They conduct more than 300,000 call attempts monthly on Verizon Wireless' and other national wireless carriers' networks, while traveling over 100,000 miles of the most frequently traveled roadways nationwide in specially equipped, company-owned quality test vehicles.

Verizon Wireless' network reliability is also supported by industry-leading redundancy and maintenance measures, which have proven particularly valuable during natural disasters and other emergencies such as the southern California wildfires in 2003. Standard Verizon Wireless network reliability features include battery back-up power at all facilities as well as generators installed at all switching facilities and many cell site locations. The company also operates a fleet of mobile generators and temporary cell sites, or cells-on-wheels, ready for deployment. For example, the company recently deployed a cell-on-wheels at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

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