Verizon Wireless Network Superiority in Southern California Supported by Complimentary Technologies and Backup Systems

IRVINE, CA — Verizon Wireless, America's leading wireless provider with 40.4 million customers, today announced that its network in southern California, covering nearly 30,000 square miles, has been made increasingly reliable by the recent integration of new microwave cell sites to its standard network, making it the largest such deployment in the western United States; the linking of its switching stations by more than 800 miles of fiber optic cable; the installation of backup battery power on its cell sites; and, the operation of gasoline-powered generators at all switching stations and many cell sites for use in emergencies. The company has invested nearly $3 billion in its California network since the company was formed in June 2000 to improve network reliability; expanded the size of the network; increase the network's call capacity; and, deliver new services to consumers and businesses.

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"We will continue to invest to retain our network edge. Customer loyalty is the best measure of our success. Verizon Wireless has the industry's lowest customer turnover rate. Since local number portability took effect, more customers have brought their number to us to experience the most reliable wireless network in the county, than have left us," said Marni Walden, regional president, Verizon Wireless.

A fleet of mobile generators and temporary cell sites, called "cells-on-wheels", also support Verizon Wireless' network reliability. These have proven particularly valuable during natural disasters, like Hurricane Charley in Florida this month and other emergencies such as the southern California wildfires and east coast blackout in 2003.

In 2003 alone, Verizon Wireless invested $600 million in its California network to further expand and enhance its wireless voice and data network in California, and safeguard network reliability. Each year, Verizon Wireless invests on average about a billion dollars every 90 days in its national network, constantly improving what already is the  most reliable wireless network in America.

The company's 'most reliable network' advertising claim is based on network studies performed by real-life test men and test women who inspired the company's national advertising campaign. They conduct more than 300,000 call attempts monthly on Verizon Wireless' and other national wireless carriers' networks, while traveling over 100,000 miles of the most frequently traveled roadways nationwide in specially equipped, company-owned quality test vehicles.

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