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Kyocera Wireless KX414 and SE47 Battery Recall Information

BEDMINSTER, NJ — Kyocera Wireless has issued a voluntary recall of select batteries from two of its phones, the KX414 and the SE47. Kyocera has determined that some of the batteries supplied to several wireless service providers may be counterfeit. The recall applies only to KX414 batteries it shipped before July 2004 with a product code ending in -03, -09, -10 or -11 or SE47 batteries with one of the following product codes: CV90-L305N-01, CV90-L305P-01, CV90-L305T-01, and CV90-L349T-01.

After powering the phone off, customers can find these product codes on the under-side of the battery after it has been removed from the phone. Accessory batteries with the same product codes or sold in the same date periods are also affected and will need to be checked as well. Verizon Wireless customers who purchased either phone will receive a letter from Kyocera if their phone is affected.