INpulse Gives Customers Unlimited INCalling on the Verizon Wireless Nationwide Network for Just 99 Cents Daily Access

BEDMINSTER, NJ — Starting today, consumers nationwide can get prepay wireless calling on the nation's most reliable national network for just 99 cents a day. Verizon Wireless, the nation's leading wireless provider and owner and operator of the nation's most reliable network, announced today the availability of INpulse, the company's new prepay wireless plan.

INpulse leverages the broad scope of Verizon Wireless' network to offer prepay customers one of the most comprehensive and affordable prepay plans in the nation. With INpulse prepaid wireless from Verizon Wireless, customers get unlimited INCalling to other Verizon Wireless customers anytime, unlimited night calling to anyone for $0.99 daily access and just $0.10 per minute for other calls from the INpulse coverage area.

INpulse from Verizon Wireless is the perfect choice for customers looking to control their wireless spending or for customers not interested in a long-term contract. With INpulse, customers can also send and receive TXT Messages for just $0.05 for each message sent or received. And, INpulse customers from coast-to-coast also get the same convenience features as contract customers, such as Caller ID, Call Waiting and Voice Mail.

Starting today, INpulse customers can select from two new INpulse Packages — the Kyocera KX 414, available for $99.99, and the LG VX 3200 available for $129.99. Each INpulse Package includes a phone and $50 of airtime with activation.

To help customers make the most of their wireless calling experience, INpulse prepay offers generous expiration dates. Customers who purchase INpulse prepay from $15 to $29.99 have 30 days to use the service; $30 to $74.99 have 60 days to use the service; $75 to $149.99 have 90 days to use their service. INpulse prepay purchases of $150 and above expire in 120 days. Account balances will be carried forward for customers who refill their minutes before they expire.

Verizon Wireless customers can also take advantage of international calling with INpulse. Competitively priced for the occasional caller, INpulse customers pay just $0.20 per minute to Canada and Mexico or $0.50 per minute to other available destinations, plus $0.10 per minute for the standard calling rate. If a customer travels outside of the America's Choice coverage area, roaming is $0.69 per minute, including domestic long distance.

Verizon Wireless invests more than $4 billion annually to maintain and expand its  network nationwide. The company's most reliable network claim is based on the network studies completed by real-life test men and women, who conduct more than four million calls annually on the Verizon Wireless network and other national wireless carriers' networks while traveling more than one million miles in specially-equipped, company-owned quality test vehicles across the nation.

Verizon Wireless products and services are available at more than 1,900 Verizon Wireless Communications stores nationwide, including Verizon Wireless Communications in Circuit City stores, as well as at authorized retailers including Best Buy and participating RadioShack locations. Customers can also find information and purchase Verizon Wireless products and services online at  

About Verizon WirelessVerizon Wireless owns and operates the nation's most reliable wireless network, serving 43.8 million voice and data customers. Headquartered in Bedminster, NJ, Verizon Wireless is a joint venture of Verizon Communications (NYSE:VZ) and Vodafone (NYSE and LSE: VOD). Find more information on the Web at To preview and request broadcast-quality video footage and high-resolution stills of Verizon Wireless operations, log on to the Verizon Wireless Multimedia Library at