Verizon Wireless Encourages Customers To Stay Safe This Summer

BEDMINSTER, NJ — Wireless phones are one of the most important tools to have while traveling and can provide a lifeline to emergency services following an accident or in a time of need. With the summer travel season right around the corner and in recognition of Wireless Safety Week (May 16-20, 2005), Verizon Wireless, owner and operator of the nation's most reliable network, is offering reminders for customers to help them stay safe, connected and informed when on the road.

  • Start Off On The Right Foot — For travel that includes long car rides, purchase a car charger and headset to ensure the phone is always fully charged and that you can talk "hands-free" if you choose to make or receive a call. When you're packing, don't forget the phone's charger to use at your final destination.

  • Keep It Cool — Never leave a wireless phone in the car's glove box or exposed to direct sunlight during the hot summer months. The heat from the sun could severely damage the phone.

  • Play It Safe — It is important that children know they can dial 911 if they need help. Walk through the process of placing a call on a wireless phone and stress the fact that the "send" button must be pressed in order to place the call. Be sure children understand that placing a call on a wireless phone is different than placing a call from a phone in their homes or schools. Also explain that they must stay on the phone until the person on the other end says they can hang up, which gives the operator time to trace the call if Enhanced 911 (E911) location technology is available or ask questions to help determine the exact location.

  • Have What You Need — Travelers looking for peace of mind during the busy summer vacation season can sign up for Roadside Assistance, a monthly service from Verizon Wireless, that gives customers a link to useful automotive services, such as a battery boost, tire service, fuel delivery, towing, lockout service, and vehicle extrication. On call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Roadside Assistance is associated specifically with the wireless phone number to which it is assigned so the service follows the phone, allowing anyone with the covered phone the assistance they need when they need it. Roadside Assistance is just $2.99 per month, following a free two-month trial (available for new subscribers in select areas only) and customers simply dial *611 from their wireless phone to sign up.

  • Stay In Touch — Making calls or sending TXT Messages can help families and friends stay in touch during the busy summer travel months. Wireless phones are great tools for arranging meetings at airports, train stations, beaches, hotels or other areas when you are on the go. Verizon Wireless customers can rely on the nation's most reliable network — the company invests more than $1 billion every 90 days to enhance the service and reliability of its network. For travelers, that means calls are more likely to go through in more places with Verizon Wireless than with any other service provider.

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