BroadbandAccess From Verizon Wireless Gives Business Customers The Advantage

NEW YORK and BEDMINSTER, NJ — With the recent expansion of Verizon Wireless' EV-DO (Evolution-Data Optimized) wireless broadband network, millions of businesses from coast to coast can now enjoy the freedom of speed, mobility, productivity and simplicity wrapped into one service. Verizon Wireless, operator of the nation's largest and fastest wireless broadband network, continues to launch its EV-DO wireless broadband network in new major markets and airports and expand existing markets nationwide, giving laptop users across the country typical user download speeds of 400-700 kilobits per second (kbps). BroadbandAccess, the company's premier service for businesses, gives enterprise customers a fast, reliable resource to help them be productive and in touch with the office and customers when they are traveling, enabling them to tap into applications and tasks with their laptops that are more suited to broadband data speeds.

Mark Lowenstein, managing director at Boston-based Mobile Ecosystem, a leading consulting and advisory services firm focused on next generation wireless/mobile products and services, said, "For the first time, enterprises can consider using cellular as their default network for remote access. All previous improvements in wireless data throughput have been important steps, but the move to EV-DO is more of a giant leap. I have used the EV-DO service in more than 20 cities in the past six months. It has displaced at least 50% of my Wi-Fi and hotel broadband connects, with the added convenience of mobility."

Easy to set-up and use, BroadbandAccess requires no wires, phone jacks or separate Internet service provider (ISP) — customers simply connect to BroadbandAccess with a BroadbandAccess-capable PC Card that slides directly into most laptops. The included VZAccess Manager software helps enterprise customers manage the business and Internet applications they need. And because the technology platform BroadbandAccess runs on is backward compatible — a distinct advantage to using CDMA technology — customers who travel outside a BroadbandAccess coverage area with an EV-DO device will seamlessly switch to Verizon Wireless' existing 1xRTT NationalAccess network to remain connected to their customers and the office while on the road.

Cindy Patterson, vice president of enterprise data for Verizon Wireless, said "Our existing customers tell us that BroadbandAccess gives them a huge competitive advantage because it enables their employees to have faster access to things that are behind their firewall when they're away from the office. With BroadbandAccess, laptop users can access email and important files without the hassle of finding a nearby hotspot — whether to download a presentation just before a meeting or to simply use downtime at the airport to remain productive. BroadbandAccess gives businesses of all sizes the freedom of wireless data access to help them boost productivity."

EV-DO NetworkVerizon Wireless was the first national wireless provider to commercially launch high-speed wireless broadband services in the United States and is continuing to expand the availability of its EV-DO network in new markets across the country, including the recent launches in more than a dozen major metropolitan areas nationwide. The company is also conducting major expansions of its wireless broadband network, extending the reach of broadband services in existing markets, making the customer experience in areas such as Atlanta, Kansas City, New York, Miami, Chicago, Phoenix and San Diego more robust than ever.

Verizon Wireless has invested more than $4 billion annually on the build-out and enhancement of its networks since the company's inception in 2000, and last year alone it invested $5 billion, including build-out of the wireless broadband EV-DO network. As a result, BroadbandAccess has typical user download speeds of 400-700 kbps and is ideal for downloading files residing behind corporate firewalls, accessing e-mail, intranets and the Internet.

At the end of 2004, Verizon Wireless' EV-DO network was available to 75 million Americans; the company is on track to cover half the U.S. population with EV-DO by the end of 2005.

Business CustomersBroadbandAccess from Verizon Wireless gives enterprise customers a fast, reliable resource to help them be productive and in touch with the office and customers when they are traveling, enabling them to tap into applications and tasks that are more suited to broadband data speeds. The service offers speed, mobility, productivity and simplicity ideal for mobile professionals in businesses small and large. In recent months, many enterprises across the country have signed contracts with Verizon Wireless to take advantage of BroadbandAccess.

Jeff Kagan, a telecom industry analyst based in Atlanta, observed "This is the first widely-available wireless service that lets customers work at similar speed and functionality as if they were in the office. The speeds are great for accessing e-mail, Web-based information and downloading business-critical information residing behind corporate firewalls, and offers businesses a strong return on their investment."

Awards and Praise for BroadbandAccessRecently Verizon Wireless' wireless broadband service for businesses has received many accolades from leading analysts and technology publications:

  • Bob Egan, president of Mobile Competency Inc. stated, "Simple, secure wireless broadband access is becoming critical for leading business operations who seek out increased efficiencies as the pace of business continues to accelerate. Verizon Wireless' BroadbandAccess allows work to be done at the speed of life."

  • CMP Media LLC's Network Computing named Verizon Wireless as the Best Business Data Service for BroadbandAccess in the publication's 2005 Well-Connected Awards, beating out business data services of two other major wireless carriers.

  • Kathryn Weldon, principal analyst, Enterprise Mobility for Current Analysis noted, "With increasingly widespread coverage for its high-speed network, Verizon Wireless is making the promise of 3G networking a reality; BroadbandAccess is becoming an invaluable tool for business travelers who need to stay connected, eliminating the hassle of navigating through multiple access technologies and networks. It is the first mobile network in the U.S. to really simulate an in-office experience when on the road."

BroadbandAccess PC CardsVerizon Wireless offers several PC Cards for BroadbandAccess customers, including the PC 5220, Kyocera KPC-650 and Novatel V620 cards. For a limited time, Verizon Wireless customers with unlimited use data plans can buy the BroadbandAccess PC 5220 for $99.99, Kyocera KPC-650 for $69.99 or Novatel V620 card for $49.99 after a $100 rebate and a two-year customer agreement.

BroadbandAccess Handheld Devices and Wireless SyncVerizon Wireless announced last week the availability of a new EV-DO handheld device — the new SCH-i730 from Samsung. Featuring Microsoft's Windows Mobile™ Pocket PC 2nd Edition software, the i730 makes working on the go a breeze with features such as built-in support for EV-DO and Bluetooth® for quick wireless access to the Internet. Enterprise customers with i730s can also access Wireless Sync — software that uses wireless "push" technology to provide wireless e-mail for enterprises of all sizes. With Wireless Sync Workgroup and Wireless Sync Enterprise Server, Verizon Wireless business customers can get a full spectrum of mobile capabilities and deployment options to help keep them competitive.

Wireless Sync Workgroup and Wireless Sync Enterprise Server can be configured to support any customer, whether they have 5 or 5,000 users and support the major e-mail and PIM platforms deployed today in the enterprise: Microsoft Exchange® or Lotus Domino®. Regardless of the deployment model selected, Wireless Sync provides a single, consistent user interface, minimizing the support burden and maximizing user productivity and offers advanced security models for enterprise customers and provides a variety of configurations to meet the needs of each customer.

For more information on BroadbandAccess from Verizon Wireless, visit To speak with a Verizon Wireless Business Sales Representative, business customers can call 1-800-VZW-4-BIZ.

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