In Highly Competitive Market, Customers Loyal to Verizon Wireless

BEDMINSTER, NJ — Verizon Wireless, owner and operator of the nation's most reliable wireless network, is continuing its leadership in customer loyalty - posting the lowest customer turnover rate among major wireless carriers and adding to its Customer Satisfaction Web site.

In the second quarter of 2005, Verizon Wireless' customer turnover reached record-low levels for the third consecutive quarter, as the company added 1.9 million customers, the largest quarterly customer increase in the history of the wireless industry. Posting a 1.2% churn rate — the percentage of customers who disconnect their service in a given period of time — Verizon Wireless boasted a churn rate well below the industry average. According to the most recent earnings announcements issued by the nation's largest wireless carriers, churn rates were as follows:

Carrier Q2 2005 - Churn RateVerizon Wireless - 1.2%Carrier A - 1.4%Carrier B - 2.2%Carrier C - 2.2%Carrier D- 2.8%

Adding voices behind the numbers, Verizon Wireless also posted customers testimonials to the company's Customer Satisfaction Web site. The Web page entitled, "In Our Customers' Own Words," features excerpts from customer letters sent to Verizon Wireless to share positive experiences with the company and praise company service representatives at Communications Stores and call centers who resolved issues and answered questions quickly and accurately.  The customer testimonials can be found by visiting the following page:

"Our record-breaking performance and positive customer feedback are the result of our dedication to listening, anticipating and responding to the needs of our customers," said Lowell McAdam, executive vice president and chief operating officer for Verizon Wireless. "We will continue to provide customers with the highest level of satisfaction by delivering the most reliable wireless network and best customer service in the wireless industry."

Verizon Wireless is dedicated to delivering outstanding customer satisfaction by providing a positive wireless experience to its 47.7 million customers. The company has regularly invested more than $4 billion nationally each year since its inception — and more than $8 billion in the last 18 months — to expand and upgrade the nation's most reliable wireless network. For more information on Verizon Wireless, visit  

About Verizon WirelessVerizon Wireless owns and operates the nation's most reliable wireless network, serving 47.4 million voice and data customers. Headquartered in Bedminster, NJ, Verizon Wireless is a joint venture of Verizon Communications (NYSE:VZ) and Vodafone (NYSE and LSE: VOD). Find more information on the Web at To preview and request broadcast-quality video footage and high-resolution stills of Verizon Wireless operations, log on to the Verizon Wireless Multimedia Library at