Celebrities Make A Visit To Chicago, Illinois To Serenade Mothers And Fans To Support Mujeres Latinas En Acción

CHICAGO, IL — The internationally renowned star Pablo Montero, will join Verizon Wireless, sponsor of the Mother's Day Concert in Chicago, on May 13, 2006, in a performance that will not only delight fans, but will also help raise funds for Mujeres Latinas en Acción.

Verizon Wireless has been a long-standing advocate of domestic violence and sexual assault victims as well as a major supporter of Mujeres Latinas en Acción, an organization that has served the Latino community in Chicago for more than 30 years.

Nydia Caro and Pilar Montenegro are joining Pablo Montero to bring a spectacular show to Chicago while helping Mujeres make a difference in the lives of many women and their families.

"What better way to celebrate Mother's Day than to show women the love and respect they deserve. I'm proud to participate in a concert that will help those women who suffer from domestic violence," said Pablo Montero, famous for his roles in popular Spanish soap operas as well as for his versatile career as a singer throughout Latin America and among the Hispanic community in the United States. "I would like to invite everyone to join us at the concert, enjoy a fabulous show and simultaneously help Mujeres Latinas en Acción."

The idea behind the initiative for the Mother's Day Concert is to create awareness of the important role that Latina women play in the family structure and to support Mujeres Latinas en Acción, which promotes a healthy family environment through their programs.

"I'm very excited about having the opportunity to travel to Chicago to lend my support to Mujeres Latinas en Acción. Domestic violence is a disease that is spreading in our Latino community at an alarming rate. Organizations such as Mujeres, help families that are living the nightmare of sexual abuse, violence and hunger, find alternatives to leave behind such living conditions. I am very proud to be able to share the stage with Pablo and Pilar for such a great cause and raise awareness on these issues," explained Nydia Caro, an entertainment icon in her native Puerto Rico, as well as in Spain, Mexico and South America.

Pilar Montenegro, the charismatic Mexican singer and actress, who started her career as a pop/ballad singer and has recorded two reggeaton albums, is very excited to visit Chicago and be part of this special concert: "As a Latina woman, artist and singer, I want to take this opportunity to ask my fans to help Mujeres Latinas en Acción by attending the concert. It is with our support and commitment that the organization can continue helping our people." Pilar will sing her hit songs and will also bring the reggaeton rhythm and dancers for what promises to be an unforgettable show.

"We are grateful to Verizon Wireless for their ongoing support and generosity. Since April is the Sexual Assault Awareness Month, I would like to highlight Verizon Wireless' contribution to our Technology center as well as the donation of cell phones and free minutes, invaluable resources for the empowerment of sexual assault victims. The Mother's Day Concert will be a fun way to raise awareness about our organization and the problems that affect our community," said Maria Pesqueira, President and CEO of Mujeres Latinas en Acción.

To add to the fun, during the concert, Verizon Wireless' customers will be able to send text messages to their mothers, wives and friends, which will be displayed on giant screens. The Mother's Day Concert will take place at the Aragon Ballroom on Saturday May 13, 2006.

For more information about the concert, contact Claudia Perez from Mujeres Latinas en Acción at 773-890-7668.

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