El Paso, Texas Customers Spring Ahead With Verizon Wireless

EL PASO, TX — The times they are a changin' — in more ways than one.

Starting in 2007, Daylight Savings Time in Texas will begin on the second Sunday in March instead of the first Sunday in April, thanks to the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

Verizon Wireless has made the appropriate adjustments to its west Texas network to ensure that the correct time registers on customers' handsets when the clocks in the Mountain Time Zone "spring ahead" on March 11, 2007.

Wireless phones on the Verizon Wireless network should display the appropriate time as soon as Daylight Savings Time begins.

Verizon Wireless uses the GPS system developed by the U.S. Department of Defense that references a Master Clock at the US Naval Observatory for mobile synchronization of phones on the company's network. Verizon Wireless cell sites in Texas have GPS receivers that ensure the time on customers' phones is accurate to 10 microseconds.

"The Verizon Wireless team has been working closely with our hardware, software and database vendors in order to reflect the updated Daylight Savings Time," said Tony Heyman, regional president, Verizon Wireless. "We are committed to making sure that local customers can rely on our superior network to stay on time when the clocks spring ahead on March 11."

Verizon Wireless is advising customers with BlackBerry® devices and most PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) running on Palm OS® or Windows® Mobile to update or patch their devices to reflect the change to Daylight Savings Time.

In addition, third-party applications such as e-mail programs, calendar/scheduling tools, and transaction logging programs on BlackBerrys and PDAs may be impacted. Customers will need to consult the device manufacturer's operating system instructions.

Verizon Wireless will post additional information regarding these updates and patches for Verizon Wireless PDA customers as they become available online at www.verizonwireless.com/dst.  

In New Mexico and El Paso, Verizon Wireless has invested more than $205 million in its wireless voice and data network over the past six years.

The company has invested $35 billion in the last seven years — $5 billion on average every year since the company was formed — to increase the coverage and capacity of its national network and to add new services. Network investment for 2007 is already under way.

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