Questions About Test Drive

Q: What Test Drive?A: Test Drive is a new initiative by Verizon Wireless that gives wireless users a chance to 'test' the Verizon Wireless network — by putting the nation's most reliable wireless network in their hands with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Q: Who is eligible?A: Test Drive from Verizon Wireless is for all new lines of service, regardless of whether the customer is a new or existing customer. If at the end of a 30-day Test Drive customers are not satisfied with their experience, Verizon Wireless will refund their money for the calls and the equipment, and release them from their contract without early termination penalties when they return their phone and take their mobile phone number to another wireless carrier.

Q: If an existing customer signs a new contract, will the customer be eligible?A: Existing customers will be eligible for Test Drive only if they initiate a new line of service. Otherwise, they are covered under Verizon Wireless' Worry Free Guarantee.

Q: What charges are refunded under Test drive?A: If not satisfied after test driving the network for 30 days, customers simply 'port out' their number to another carrier for credit for the activation fee, monthly voice access, Push to Talk, all voice allowance minutes and any home voice overage.

Q: What services are not covered under Test Dive?A: Test Drive does not refund data download charges, including Picture, Video or, Text Messages, Data monthly access, data bundles, Get It Now downloads, Ring Tones, Ringback Tones and Music downloads, although airtime charges associated with the download will be credited.

Other charges not eligible for credit include long distance, 411 calls, roaming and international calls (except if on North America's Choice, airtime will be credited, but not long distance), surcharges and insurance.

Q: How is the Early Termination Fee (ETF) handled; will it be credited?A: ETF credits will be issued after the customer returns the equipment within the 30 day time period.

Q: When is Test Drive available?A: Test Drive is available beginning March 26, 2007.

Q: Based on Test Drive, what can a customer expect from Verizon Wireless?A: Test Drive customers will receive the same great service that all Verizon Wireless customers have come to expect, including services that run on the most reliable wireless network in the country.

Q: Where can customers sign up for Test Drive? A: Customers that sign up for new service through Verizon Wireless Communications Stores or online are eligible for Test Drive. Customers do not need to enroll — they are automatically included in the new customer program when they activate a new line of service.

Q: How is Test Drive different than the Worry Free Guarantee?A: The Worry Free Guarantee is a separate customer offering from Verizon Wireless. It does require customers to change their service to another provider and does not refund the early termination fee. Please visit and click on Worry Free Guarantee at the bottom of the page to see details about the program. In conjunction with Test Drive, Verizon Wireless extended its Worry Free Guarantee from 15 to 30 days for consistency among customer initiatives.