Verizon Wireless Is Bringing A COLT To Whistling Straits, Wisconsin

KOHLER, WI — Verizon Wireless is bringing a COLT to the U.S Senior Open at Whistling Straits, but it's not the kind of colt you may be picturing. This 20,000 pound COLT is actually a vehicle equipped with a 30-foot antenna, back-up generator and is packed with network equipment that will be used to increase calling capacity for the thousands of wireless phone users attending the Open.

A COLT, or "Cells On Light Truck," is a fully functional, mobile cell site that enhances wireless capacity in a given area, thereby enabling thousands of extra calls to take place concurrently on the network, all in an attempt to make sure calls go through on the first try and are not disconnected mid-sentence.

Not only can a COLT enhance service surrounding large-scale events, it can also be used in times of disaster. Verizon Wireless' COLTs can be rolled into hard-hit locations or areas that need extra network capacity, such as the Gulf Coast, which was devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

The COLT at Whistling Straits will be fully functional on June 27 and will stay at Whistling Straits for the duration of the championship which runs from July 2 through July 8. We will give you a call in the next two days to schedule a time to show you the Verizon Wireless COLT when you visit the U.S. Senior Open at Whistling Straits.

What: Verizon Wireless COLT When: June 27 — July 8, 2007


  • View the COLT and learn about how these trucks can aid network facilities during an event, disaster or other interruption, and process thousands of calls every hour.

  • Obtain information on how the wireless network works and what Verizon Wireless does to enhance service to customers.

  • Conduct interviews with Verizon Wireless network operations representatives.

Visual opportunities:

  • High tech, 20,000 pound vehicle with 30-foot antenna and generator.

  • Network equipment inside the vehicle.