Your Phone Your Way; Verizon Wireless Has Phones For Every Lifestyle

BASKING RIDGE, NJ — Music today, video tomorrow and games in between. Verizon Wireless, the leading wireless company with the most reliable wireless voice and data network, has phones to fit every lifestyle. With more than 18 different V CAST Music-capable handsets in a 30-plus phone portfolio, Verizon Wireless allows customers to decide what's most important — lifestyle, mood or looking cool — when selecting a mobile phone.

Multimedia and Data Services With Verizon Wireless, customers can take advantage of the latest multimedia services right from their wireless phones, including:

  • V CAST Video: With V CAST Video, customers get full-motion video clips of the latest news, sports scores and plays, weather, entertainment and more, directly on their wireless phones. Updated regularly, customers can get the best entertainment snacking around in ten categories, including Music, Showcase, Comedy, News, Sports, Net's Best, TV to Go, Latino, Kids, and Spiritual.

  • V CAST Music: V CAST Music offers customers a choice of more than two million songs from well-known and independent artists. Customers can download their music right over-the-air. Plus, V CAST Music customers are able to purchase and download songs to Windows® XP PCs, plus sideload — or transfer — their existing compatible digital music collections to their V CAST Music-enabled phones or memory cards.

  • Music Discovery: Music lovers can also take advantage of Verizon Wireless' recently launched V CAST Song ID service: the only service in the nation that provides users with a tool that enables them to capture information about a song immediately, over-the-air; then buy a Ringtone, Ringback tone or full-track song, in one simple process.

  • V CAST Mobile TV: V CAST Mobile TV gives customers the best of television with full-length broadcast-quality television programs on their wireless phones. Available in more than 30 of the nation's top cities, V CAST Mobile TV features the best of broadcast and cable television. V CAST Mobile TV operates 24 hours a day from many of the world's best-known entertainment brands, including CBS, Comedy Central, Fox, MTV, NBC News, NBC Entertainment and Nickelodeon, representing a variety of options for all types of TV viewers. Two impressive phones from Verizon Wireless support V CAST Mobile TV: the Samsung SCH-u620 and the LG VX9400.

  • Get It Now® and Mobile Web 2.0SM: With Get It Now, Verizon Wireless puts a virtual software store inside wireless phones. Customers can select from hundreds of the hottest applications and games, and purchase and download them directly from their phones. Select Get It Now applications also come with Adobe Flash Lite that enhances the graphics and animation for Get It Now downloads. Mobile Web 2.0 gives Verizon Wireless customers access to news, tools and information from the nation's top content providers and the simple, intuitive format makes it easy to access content from categories that include News, Sports, Weather, Entertainment, Business, e-mail, and more.

  • Location-Based Services: Many Verizon Wireless handsets also support a number of location-based services that can be downloaded through Get It Now, Verizon Wireless' virtual online store. VZ NavigatorSM, a popular tool that includes mapping, audible turn-by-turn navigation and access to information on more than 14 million points of interest including restaurants, ATMs and gas stations, lets customers take advantage of an advanced navigation system on their wireless phones — at a fraction of the price of other GPS devices and systems.

  • Keeping Loved Ones Close: ChaperoneSM, Verizon Wireless' popular family locator service that helps parents keep track of their young child's wireless phones, is based on Global Positioning Data. Chaperone offers customers two options: Chaperone Family Locator and Chaperone with Child ZoneSM. Parents who want to access location information about their children via their Verizon Wireless handsets have a variety of devices to choose from, including LG VX4700, VX5300, VX8300, VX8600, The Chocolate, The V, and The enV by LG, Samsung SCH-a870, SCH-a930, and Motorola V325, MOTORAZR V3m, and MOTOKRZR K1m.

Phones Verizon Wireless phones are designed to meet the needs of each customer. Whether the handset offers a full-QWERTY keypad for ease of text messaging, or sports a cool 2.0 megapixel camera, the following phones from Verizon Wireless support all of the hottest multimedia and data services that only enhance each customer's wireless experience: LG VX8300, VX8600, VX8700, VX9400, The enV and The Chocolate by LG, Samsung SCH-a990, SCH-u620, SCH-u740, MOTORAZR maxx Ve, MOTOKRZR K1m, MOTORAZR V3m, and MOTOSLVR L7c.

Network A mobile phone is only as good as the network it's on. Verizon Wireless' handsets run on the company's award-winning network to ensure that customers receive the coverage quality that they expect. Verizon Wireless has invested $37 billion in the last seven years to increase the coverage and capacity of its national network and to add new services. Part of the company's commitment to offer customers the most reliable service available includes providing wireless services, such as picture messaging, text messaging, BroadbandAccess high-speed Internet, and the company's exclusive V CAST services. While some carriers may boast that their handsets are sleek, investigating the type of network the phone runs on is crucial before purchasing any device.

Other Value-Added Services Verizon Wireless also adds a number of other value-added services for customers. That's why Verizon Wireless has led the wireless industry with the lowest customer churn (turnover) rate for ten consecutive quarters. Verizon Wireless invests heavily in a number of customer retention programs including:

  • New Every Two®: Customers are automatically enrolled in Verizon Wireless' New Every Two program when they sign up for a two-year agreement on a calling plan with a monthly access of $34.99 or higher. If they maintain service on a calling plan of $34.99 or higher and fulfill their two-year term, they will qualify for a free phone, up to $100 in value, with a two-year renewal. Customers must retain the same wireless handset for 24 months in order to receive the full advantages of this program.

  • Test Drive: Most recently, Verizon Wireless became the only major carrier with a 30-day network Test Drive pledge that pays for calls if customers aren't satisfied and switch to another carrier. Now, wireless consumers get to be their own test man or woman by "taking the Verizon Wireless network for a spin" to experience the Verizon Wireless network on their own. If at any point during the 30-day Test Drive customers are not satisfied with their experience and take their number to another wireless carrier, Verizon Wireless will refund their money for their voice calls, equipment, activation fee and taxes, as well as release them from their contract without an early termination fee when they return their phones within the Test Drive period.

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