Verizon Wireless Offers Eight Ways To Enhance The Chocolate By LG Experience

BASKING RIDGE, NJ — The sweet tooth has struck again with the second coming of the Chocolate by LG. Exclusive to Verizon Wireless, the leading wireless company with the most reliable wireless voice and data network, this music phone satisfies customers' sweetest cravings for a mobile music device with a rich assortment of features. Verizon Wireless is committed to making the Chocolate music phone experience the very best, so here are eight ways to further enhance the Chocolate.

  • Multitasking: Customers can multitask while listening to their music without ever having to turn their Chocolate off. After selecting a song to play, customers simply tap the "Clear" key to return to the main screen. As the song continues to play, customers can send and receive text messages, take and view pictures, browse the latest news headlines through Mobile Web 2.0SM and view and organize their calendar appointments without interrupting their tunes. The music will pause when customers make or receive calls.

  • Music Alerts: Fans can arrange to have a text message alert sent to their phones when their favorite artist has a new release available through V CAST Music. To set up music alerts, customers can go to Menu > Get It Now® > Music & Tones > V CAST Music. Once they browse the library and find the artist, they can tap the right soft key and select Set Artist Alert.

  • Music Only Mode: With the Music Only Mode, customers can turn their wireless phone into an MP3 or a gaming device. The Music Only Mode turns off the wireless radio so while customers can't place or receive calls, they can use the phone to play games or music. To activate Music Only Mode, customers can go to Menu > My Music > Settings > Music Only > On. To deactivate, customers simply make a call and they will be prompted to turn off the Music Only Mode.

  • Dual Clocks: On the main screen, customers can set their Chocolate to see the time of their current time zone and another major city. To view a secondary clock, customers can go to Menu > Settings & Tools > Display Settings > Clock Format > Dual. They will then be asked to select a second city or time zone.

  • World Clock: The World Clock on the Chocolate by LG is shown in Flash as a 3D model that rotates as the navigation wheel is rotated. When customers select a continent on the image by pressing the "OK" key, they will see a close-up of the region with major cities and time zones appearing on the screen. To access the World Clock, customers can go to Menu > Settings & Tools > Tools > World Clock.

  • Clip Board: This feature is a simple one-step way to access time and date, calendar and My Pictures by turning only the navigation wheel on the Chocolate, no key pressing is needed. Customers can view all three options and even scroll through their pictures easily. To customize the Clip Board theme, customers can go to Menu > Settings & Tools > Display Settings > Clip Board.

  • Stop Watch: A simple tool that customers can use for a variety of everyday events such as exercising and cooking. The Stop Watch can be found by going to Menu > Settings & Tools > Tools > Stop Watch.

  • Equalizer: Customers can choose from 12 sound effects such as concert hall, jazz, acoustic, electronic, and others to maximize the music experience. The sound effects will adjust the music to the selection for optimal quality. While listening to music and viewing the media player on the screen, tap the right hand soft key Options > Sound Effect.

The Chocolate by LG is available in Verizon Wireless Communications Stores from coast to coast and online for $99.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate with a new two-year agreement. V CAST Music songs are 99 cents if purchased from the PC or $1.99 for two copies if purchased and downloaded over-the-air onto a V CAST Music-capable phone. The second copy is sent to the customer's PC account.

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