Favorite Pet, Favorite Flower Or Favorite Car? Personalize Your Phone With Picture Or Video Wallpaper To Suit Your Personality

BASKING RIDGE, NJ — Customers can personalize their wireless phones with wallpaper of their favorite downloaded pictures, personal photos and on some phones, even videos. Verizon Wireless customers can find wallpaper applications in the Get It Now® virtual store in the Picture & Video category on many Verizon Wireless phones. Customers can also use pictures or videos (under 5MB) taken with their camera phones as wallpaper, as long as the picture or video is saved in either the internal or external phone memory.

To set either saved photos or downloaded wallpaper as your wallpaper, go to My Pictures > Select (the picture) > Options > Set As > Wallpaper. In order to assign video as a wallpaper, go to My Videos > Select (the video) > Options > Set As > Wallpaper.

Editors Note: Verizon Wireless will provide a wireless tip of the week every Thursday through Labor Day.