Know Who Is Calling By Sight And Sound: Caller ID Is More Than Just A Name And Number

BASKING RIDGE, NJ — Picture ID and Ringtones let customers see and hear their friends before they utter that first "hello." Give your incoming calls personality by adding a Picture ID to contacts stored on your phone. You can also designate a Ringtone for people listed in your "Contacts" and you will know who is calling by the sound of what's playing — even before you look at the Caller ID.

Picture ID is available on most Verizon Wireless phones by going to Contacts > (select the person) > Edit > Picture > Set > (select the picture) > OK. To assign a Ringtone to a contact, customers can go to Contacts > (select the person) > Edit > Ringtone > Set > (select the Ringtone) > OK.