Verizon Wireless Turns On 5,500 Square Miles Of Network For South Georgians On The Go

ALPHARETTA, GA — Verizon Wireless is widening its wireless "fast lane" to cover the Valdosta and Waycross areas. After investing over $90 million across the state this year to date, the company has turned on 100 new cell towers since New Year's Eve 2007, to bring the Valdosta and Waycross markets onto the nation's most reliable wireless network. Verizon Wireless also plans to open 13 new stores and kiosks across the area including the company's direct retail locations, exclusive authorized dealers and national retailers, which will all offer the full array of Verizon Wireless devices, accessories and services. The company will employ over 100 full-time employees across the two markets.

Starting today, 5,500 square miles of network expansion now covers residents from the eastern edge of Thomas County, northeast through Bacon County, southeast through Coffee and Camden Counties, including all major thoroughfares, towns and cities in between. Customers of Verizon Wireless in these areas now have access to the latest high-speed business and entertainment services offered on their phones, laptop computers and other wireless devices.

With the enhanced network, South Georgians now have access to Verizon Wireless' two prime services: BroadbandAccess and V CAST. With BroadbandAccess, customers can download a 1 Megabyte e-mail attachment — the equivalent of a small PowerPoint® presentation or a large PDF file — in about eight seconds and upload the same-sized file in less than 13 seconds. The company's V CAST multimedia services offer customers the ability to download full-song tracks, play cutting-edge 3D games and stream video clips straight to their phones.

"We are very excited to introduce the people of south Georgia to the Verizon Wireless experience of unparalleled products and services combined with unbeatable customer service," said Jeff Mango, president — Georgia/Alabama region, Verizon Wireless. "A major reason our customers choose Verizon Wireless and stay with us is because we offer the nation's most reliable wireless network, and Georgians' expectations are no exception. The demand for Verizon Wireless in south Georgia is now being met."

The company is planning ribbon cutting ceremonies officially opening the first stores in the area, in Waycross and Valdosta, on August 13. The new stores' cutting-edge evolutionary design offer consumers a high-tech and hands-on experience with wireless voice, data, music and video services. The store features a bright new design and integrates a number of innovative systems and operational enhancements designed to streamline the sales process and enhance the customer experience. Additional information about grand opening events coming soon.

"Providing a modern and interactive approach to our retail environment will enhance our customers' experience far beyond the initial purchase of a phone and accessories and will give them the experience they have come to expect from Verizon Wireless," said Mango.

To date in 2008, Verizon Wireless has invested more than $90 million in the expansion and enhancement of its network in Georgia. The company has invested more than $45 billion since it was formed — $5.5 billion on average every year — to increase the coverage and capacity of its national network and to add new services. Other examples of company leadership include being first to offer nationwide plans with unlimited calling and the only provider to offer a 30-day network Test Drive pledge that pays for calls if a customer isn't satisfied and switches to another carrier.

Verizon Wireless' reputation as the nation's most reliable wireless network is supported by industry-leading redundancy and maintenance measures. This has proven particularly valuable during natural disasters and other emergencies across the country. Standard Verizon Wireless network-reliability features include battery back-up power at all facilities as well as generators installed at all switching facilities and many cell site locations.

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