Verizon Wireless Alabama Network Ready For 2009 Hurricane Season

BIRMINGHAM, AL — Verizon Wireless, the leading wireless company with the most reliable voice and data network, including the nation’s largest wireless 3G broadband network, announced today that it has completed its network preparations for the 2009 Hurricane Season.

To ensure Alabamians have comprehensive, reliable wireless coverage in case of severe weather, and every day, the company has invested more than $70 million since the start of last year’s Hurricane Season to strengthen and enhance its wireless network throughout Alabama.

Highlights of these enhancements include expanding capacity in the company’s regional switching facilities throughout Alabama, erecting new digital cell sites with on-site back-up power, and deploying a team of “test men” across the state in high-tech vehicles to fine tune the company’s all-digital network.

These intensive investments and preparations proved critical during and after past years’ extraordinary storm seasons. In the aftermath of even the most devastating hurricanes, the Verizon Wireless network in Alabama remained strong while many other wireless communication networks struggled to serve emergency response officials and residents reaching out to insurance providers, family, friends and co-workers.

Additional highlights of the Verizon Wireless 2009 Hurricane Season preparation and network enhancement include: • A comprehensive emergency response plan, including preparing emergency command centers across Alabama in the case of a storm or other crisis.

  • Verizon Wireless network technicians, who serve as the inspiration for the famous TV Test Man commercials, traveled nearly 15,000 miles across Alabama this past year in vehicles equipped (each valued at $250,000, equipped with phones, wireless data devices and computers) to measure the quality of voice and data calls on Verizon Wireless and other carriers.
  • The company has a fleet of dozens of Cells on Wheels (COWS), Cells on Light Trucks (COLTS), and generators on trailers (GOaTS) that can be rolled into hard-hit locations or areas that need extra network capacity.
  • Pre-arranging fuel delivery to mobile units and generators to keep the network operating at full strength even if power is lost for an extended period of time.
  • The completion of the Verizon Wireless 3G high-speed wireless network throughout the region, allowing customers to access advanced wireless services more reliably and at even faster broadband speeds.
  • Updating and optimizing technology at regional network switching facilities throughout the state. All of the company’s “super switches,” which are designed to withstand a Category 5 hurricane, are equipped with large-scale back-up power generation.

These new technologies, facilities and network-strengthening efforts are part of an investment of more than $600 million across the state since 2003. Nationally, since the company was formed, Verizon Wireless has spent more than $50 billion to enhance its digital wireless network.

(Editor’s Note: To accompany a Verizon Wireless Test Man, tour a network facility or emergency command center, or obtain broadcast-quality video B-roll and still images of network operations/emergency preparations, contact Caran Smith, 678-339-4891).

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