Wireless Boost For Oregon Fans Attending Purdue Game At Autzen

BEAVERTON, OR — Verizon Wireless is helping football fans "make the call," send text, picture and e-mail messages, check other games on the Internet and watch video clips during this season's football games at Autzen Stadium in Eugene, including this Saturday. With more than 50,000 football fans expected for the Purdue game, the company has set up a portable cell site or "COLT" (Cell on Light Truck) in a strategic location nearby to enable the surge of connections during the event.

"Even in a huge crowd at a ball game, Verizon Wireless customers in Oregon can rely on the nation's largest and most reliable 3G network for calls, downloads and e-mails," said Kelley Kurtzman Verizon Wireless Regional President for the Pacific Northwest. "Voice and data usage at stadiums across the country rise 200% or more compared to a normal Saturday. As always we are committed to ensuring that our network lives up to its reputation-day to day and during major events like this."

During the last 12 months, Verizon Wireless coverage in Oregon has doubled in size, as the company added new cell sites and completed acquisition of Rural Cellular Corporation. Across Oregon, wireless users are making more wireless calls and data transmissions thanks to Verizon Wireless' $107 million network investment in the state during 2008. The company's ongoing network investment now totals more than $449 million in Oregon and more than $50 billion nationally over the past eight years. The 2008 enhancements significantly increase the number of calls and data transmissions the Verizon Wireless network can handle for its customers.

COLT Facts and Figures

  • The temporary site at Autzen Stadium can process thousands of calls every hour, equivalent to the highest capacity stationary site presently in the Verizon Wireless network.

  • The truck is specially equipped with $500,000 in sophisticated mobile equipment.

  • Rapid deployment COLTs based in Oregon are also used in emergency situations and can begin processing calls within hours of arriving at a wildfire or disaster site.

  • The COLT's microwave antenna, used for linking our network components, is the calling equivalent of 672 landline phone lines. Its reach spans as many as 20 miles, depending on terrain.

  • The 60 kilowatt emergency power generator that powers the temporary cell site could meet the electrical usage of two average homes. The generator can run for approximately 24 hours before refueling.

  • The 25,000 lb. vehicle features both a 30- and 60-ft. retractable mast. The vehicle is also equipped with a small office. And, since Verizon Wireless has to be prepared that no community resources will be available in the event of emergency, the vehicle is fully self-contained with equipment, fuel, electrical generators, food, water, cots, etc.

B-roll and high-quality still photographs of Verizon Wireless' mobile cell sites can be found at www.verizonwireless.com/multimedia.

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