MobiTV Demonstrates Emerging Mobile Video Technology with Verizon Wireless During CES

LAS VEGAS — Demonstrating mobile video technology that harnesses the power of LTE, MobiTV is a featured developer at the Verizon Wireless Showcase during the 2010 International CES.

Chosen to represent the Verizon Developer Community, MobiTV’s mobile video demonstration highlights how LTE technology opens new possibilities for enhanced viewing experiences, including increased quality with higher bit rate support, opportunities for personalization, and integration with third-party service providers such as social networking and Web video sites.

The demonstration features MobiTV’s enhanced video delivery system, which dynamically adapts video feeds for delivery across multiple networks. The system also has the flexibility to accommodate optimal video delivery over new and evolving networks, making it an ideal platform for the pending LTE rollout.

“Verizon Wireless is a great partner for MobiTV, providing innovative technologies for developers, and we’re proud to be a part of this event to demonstrate the possibilities for mobile video,” said Kay Johansson, CTO of MobiTV. “With the ever-increasing capabilities of mobile devices, combined with the coming deployment of LTE, we remain committed to delivering innovative mobile video solutions to consumers.”

The demonstrations represent the work Verizon Wireless and its partners are doing to advance a global LTE ecosystem, featuring discussions and on-ramps for a variety of current and new partners, including MobiTV.

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