Ionics EMS Inc. Collaborates with Verizon Wireless

CALAMBA CITY, PHILIPPINES — Ionics EMS Inc. (SGX:ION), said today it is collaborating with Verizon Wireless to demonstrate a Home Monitoring and Control Solution together with 4Home, Marvell, Sercomm and LG Electronics.

The solution will be comprised of wireless LTE (Long Term Evolution)-enabled products, which will provide home security monitoring with a security camera, as well as energy management and home appliance monitoring from a web portal and a wireless handset. The collaboration was fostered at Verizon Wireless’ LTE Innovation Center, which provides an environment for diverse companies to work together in developing innovative products that will leverage 4G LTE technology.

Ionics EMS customizes the hardware and firmware platform to integrate LG’s LTE module and Secomm’s IP security camera as driven by 4Home’s smart software.

The Ionics EMS solution is a derivative of Marvell’s Sheeva Plug Computer platform, a full-featured processor-server in a compact and robust form factor designed for managing and securing digital assets in the cloud computing environment.

“We are delighted to be working with Verizon Wireless in this project. We believe the plug computer is the next big thing in the world of computing, with a myriad of applications for a wide variety of users”, said Larry Qua, Ionics EMS, Inc.’s Founding Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

The LTE product will be demonstrated in conjunction with the International CES organized by the Consumer Electronics Association being held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA from January 7 to 10, 2010.

About Ionics EMS Inc. Ionics EMS Inc. is a Singapore-listed and Philippine-based electronics services provider offering EMS and ODM services with product design, prototyping and manufacturing capabilities. It has strong expertise and experience in all product categories particularly in the telecommunications, both wired and wireless. For more information, visit