Mobile Messenger Works With Mobile Giving Organizations And U.S. Wireless Companies To Expedite Red Cross' Receipt Of Haiti Relief Donations

LOS ANGELES, CA — Mobile Messenger, the leading mobile solutions provider, today announced that it is working closely with a number of U.S. wireless companies and mobile giving organizations to expedite the delivery of consumers’ SMS-based donations to the Red Cross International Relief fund and other charities for their rescue and recovery efforts in the Haiti disaster. As this unprecedented mobile relief effort continues to grow, the collaboration between Mobile Messenger, its mobile giving partners and wireless companies ensures that the Red Cross and the charities can receive and put the much-needed funds to use as soon as possible.

Since the earthquake, donations to mobile giving campaigns have been streaming in, in unprecedented volumes with as much as $5.5 million dollars donated per day. As aid organizations from around the world rally to send rescue teams and begin dispersing help, Mobile Messenger is facilitating the flow of millions of dollars of aid to the Red Cross, Doctors without Borders and several other charities that Mobile Messenger serves through its secure, high-capacity gateways to all wireless companies in the United States. Traditional mobile giving campaigns can take up to three months from the time a donation is texted to when the charity actually receives the funds, according to experts at Mobile Messenger. But given the scope of the unfortunate tragedy in Haiti, and the immediate need for relief funds, Mobile Messenger and the organizations involved in the mobile giving efforts have agreed to bypass normal procedures in order to get donations to the Red Cross and the charities as quickly and efficiently as possible – in some cases within less than one week of a mobile user confirming their pledge via text message from their mobile handset.

“What happened in Haiti was truly devastating and unfortunate, and it is astounding to the see the outpouring of donations the American people have made to the Red Cross Relief effort,” said Michael Iaccarino, president and CEO of Mobile Messenger. “Given this remarkable level of generosity, it’s important that concerned citizens see their donations put to use now, rather than three months down the road. By making this temporary change to the way these donations are processed, Mobile Messenger and our mobile giving and wireless partners are proud to spare no effort in bringing immediate help to the many thousands of victims who have been devastated by the earthquake.”

Jon Wells, vice president of marketing at Verizon Wireless, noted, “Verizon Wireless has advanced $7.82 million – 100 percent of the money our customers pledged in one week – to the American Red Cross. At this time of tremendous need when money needs to reach the people in Haiti quickly, we are able to set aside normal processes to expedite payment direct to the Red Cross because of our relationship with Mobile Messenger.”

As of Sunday, January 23, U.S. wireless customers had pledged nearly $23 million to the Haiti relief effort via text messaging short-codes. Mobile Messenger encourages people to continue their generous support for the Red Cross and the other charities. Please visit for a list of the organizations accepting SMS donation to send relief to the victims in Haiti.

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