Nano 3G Surveillance Device From WCCTV Is Now Verizon 3G-Certified

DALLAS, TX — WCCTV, a provider of mobile surveillance solutions, today announced that its Nano product is now Verizon 3G-Certified after completing the Verizon Open Development Compliance testing. Both WCCTV and the Nano will make their U.S. debut at ASIS in Orlando, Fla., September 19-22 (booth 2686).

The WCCTV Nano, one of the smallest CDMA or 3G surveillance devices in the world, is designed specifically as a portable, rapidly deployable system, which provides users with remote access to live or recorded video images. The system is flexible and is ideal for use as either an overt, covert, vehicle-based or body-worn surveillance device.

The Nano can work with any industry standard camera and can be powered by charger or battery. The system is simple to set up and can be configured, commissioned and serviced remotely. It is possible for up to six users to simultaneously view the live video from six different locations via a dedicated CCTV monitoring station, desktop PC, laptop or smartphone running the iOS or Android™ operating systems.

“Video surveillance, whether for internal or external environments is critical to protecting the integrity of many communities and businesses,” said Eric Sorensen, executive director, Open Development, Verizon Wireless. “The WCCTV Nano addresses the ability to be concealed and portable, yet reliable enough to transmit and receive data over Verizon Wireless’ most reliable 3G network.”

The WCCTV Nano allows the user to integrate other sensors such as GPS, audio, an alarm and telemetry. These sensors can then be transmitted and recorded via wireless networks. A TCP/IP connection adds further flexibility as this can be used for LAN/WAN connections. “Verizon Wireless was our network of choice because of its most reliable 3G network,” said David Gilbertson, managing director, WCCTV. “We believe the certification we earned will help launch the Nano into the U.S. market place and assist us to attract a wide range of customers who rely on mobile surveillance to help their business.”

WCCTV was formed in the UK in 2001. The Company is a market leading supplier of mobile surveillance products into local and central governments, police, law enforcement, military, utility and traffic organizations within the UK and Europe. It has won awards from the UK Home Office and a Queens Award for Enterprise: Innovation from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 2009.

The Company is now launching its U.S. operation from its new U.S. location in Dallas with its Verizon Wireless-approved Nano. The Company is seeking distributors of its Nano surveillance product, which is supplied with Verizon Wireless connectivity. To find out more please visit or visit the WCCTV booth at ASIS.