Keep Track of Contacts and Media with Backup Assistant Plus from Verizon Wireless

Customers keep more and more information on their phones – from hundreds of contacts to pictures, video and music – that they want to access and enjoy every day.

Verizon Wireless is rolling out Backup Assistant Plus, a free cloud service that integrates contacts, multimedia and email into a simple, seamless and secure service.

Contacts, email and multimedia content are stored in the Backup Assistant Plus cloud, and Verizon Wireless provides 500 MB of free storage as part of the service. Additional storage levels are available for a small monthly fee for customers who have lots of pictures, video and music they want to keep in the cloud. Customers can set a schedule for backing up information and then can access it from any compatible device – a phone, a tablet, the Web or a computer – using the app. Backup Assistant Plus also allows customers to easily transfer their contacts and content when they get a new device.

Available now on the recently-launched DROID RAZR™ by Motorola and the HTC Rezound™, Backup Assistant Plus will be found on many more smartphones in the next few months. When using Backup Assistant Plus on your wireless device, data usages charges may apply as per your data plan. For more information on Backup Assistant Plus, visit

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