Verizon Wireless Supports New CTIA/ESRB Mobile App Rating System

CTIA -The Wireless Association and the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) announced its mobile app rating initiative this morning in Washington, D.C. Verizon Wireless applauds CTIA and ESRB for taking this step to help consumers better understand what kind of content is available on their mobile devices, and to help them manage their wireless experiences. Verizon Wireless has long supported CTIA’s efforts and has led the industry in offering content ratings and free content filters for its customers.

“We will work quickly to adapt our ratings to the well-known ESRB ratings, and plan to implement the new system in the next few months,” said Jack McArtney, director of corporate and community responsibility for Verizon, who spearheaded the team from Verizon that worked with CTIA and ESRB on the initiative.

Verizon Wireless also works with developers through the Verizon Developer Community to ensure we bring the safest, high-quality apps to our customers.

Verizon Wireless has had age-based ratings in place since we launched our mobile storefront, V CAST Apps, in March 2010, and ratings have been available for Mobile Web, V CAST Video and V CAST Music and premium SMS programs for many years. App and other content ratings are easy, convenient tools for wireless users who want to make informed decisions about how they manage and control their accounts and the accounts of others on their plans. Content filters are free for Verizon Wireless customers, and more info can be found at

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