Valentine's Day Apps Make the Heart Grow Fonder

Valentine's Day is almost here, and for the romantically challenged or for those with the same Valentine for many years, it's tough to break out of the traditional mold of flowers and candy.

So, the question is where to look for answers? Your Verizon Wireless smartphone of course.

There's an application for just about anything, including romance tips, Valentine-themed games or a simple e-card. Here are a few apps, available on Android Market™, to help liven up your Valentine's Day:

  • Valentine Scanner: Test the chemistry of you and your mate. With this app, you and your loved one each place a fingertip on your smartphone screen to be scanned and tested. There are many possible outcomes.
  • Romantic Ideas: Truly stuck on how to make this Valentine’s Day special? Check out the Romantic Ideas app. Clicking it will give you a stream of things to try, from complimenting your partner in public, to arranging a special midweek adventure, to giving a magic gift box.
  • Bubble Blast Valentine: Like puzzles? Try Bubble Blast Valentine, a Valentine’s Day-themed version of Bubble Blast in which you pop a Valentine heart to trigger a chain reaction that pops all hearts on the page.
  • justWink Greeting Cards: Need a fun, clever e-card that you can personalize with a picture or note? This app can help.
  • OpenTable: Landing a table at the perfect restaurant for Valentine’s Day can be tough. This app will allow you to quickly scan restaurant availability and lock in that needed reservation.