Giving Back Over Spring Break

This month, while some college students are heading to the tropical white sandy beaches and pool parties, others are spending Spring Break giving back to their communities.

Alternative Spring Break programs are growing in popularity, as colleges and universities throughout the United States partner with humanitarian organizations such as the United Way and Habitat For Humanity. In 2011, more than 72,000 students participated in community service projects during their Spring Break.

As an ongoing supporter of charitable and philanthropic causes, Verizon Wireless encourages students to take part in these alternative programs. While many students participate in programs that send them around the world - rebuilding homes in third world countries or taking part in relief work in areas struck by natural disasters - there is still a lot that can be done to make a difference close to home.

Beautify Your Community: Pitch in and join others in your community to clean up graffiti, plant trees or give your local community center a much-needed fresh coat of paint, creating a cleaner, fresher environment.

Give Back to Domestic Violence Survivors and Victims: Organize a collection drive in your community, since many victims arrive at shelters with very little possessions. There is a constant need for clothes, toys and basic toiletries. Another way to give back is to start a UHopeLine phone drive on your campus to raise phone donations for domestic violence victims and survivors. To find out more about UHopeLine, visit

Volunteer at an Animal Shelter: Spend a few hours walking and feeding animals at your local shelter. Being around animals lowers stress levels, so it is good for both you and the animals!

To find out more about how to give back to your community with HopeLine® from Verizon, Verizon Wireless’s philanthropic program, please visit